Delicious Act towards reducing food waste

by Giuseppe Baidoo in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom

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We are saving fruits one sip at a time, Help us prevent tonnes of delicious fruit from going to waste.

by Giuseppe Baidoo in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom


If our crowdfunding Campaign is successful, JCDECAUX will match it and help us launch an advertising campaign in London to raise awareness about food waste.  With your support, we will be able to change our society mindset towards a better and a more sustainable food system. 

Help us create more Sipping and Less wasting

OOZE is an Award-Winning, 100%  natural and sustainable smoothie brand, on a mission to reduce food waste in a delicious way. We want to prevent  perfectly edible fruit from going to waste each day for no reason, by turning them into drinks that are delicious to sip and good for the planet.


Food waste is nuts!!

We think it's unbelievable that 10 million tonnes of food is wasted by Britons every year. What drives us even more crazy is the fact that up to 40% of fruits and vegetables are rejected by supermarkets for not being aesthetically ‘’pretty’’ enough, anything that is too big, too small or a different in colour is wasted, are we now turning food into a beauty contest? 


This is where our Delicious Act comes in, we work with British farmers and save the fruit they can’t sell to supermarkets and OOZE out the goodness of it into healthy tasty beverages. By doing this we are supporting farmers to become more sustainable, economically and environmentally while reducing food waste. One bottle saves about 3 fruits and will give you an energetic boost. 

What is in this drink?

The fruit we rescue are 100% fresh and edible, naturally they may have a different colour aesthetically or different shape, but what matters is on the inside right? If it's saved and delicious to eat, we make sure it becomes apart of our mouth-watering drink. We have currently developed 3 flavours made with the most delicious ingredients that will tantalise your buds: Marvelous Berry, Majestic Pineapple and Truly Mango. We add nothing else to our drinks other than the fruit....and a bit more fruit, what we are trying to say is that our drinks are made with 100% fruit, no added sugar, additives or any other nonsenses.


We don't use Heat or preservatives, instead we use a high pressure processing-a natural, environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient and helps maintain the fresh characteristics, flavour and nutrients. It is an amazing alternative to traditional thermal and chemical treatments. 

How it all started


While working with different community focused charity organizations projects, our founder,  Giuseppe saw first hand how much food waste was an issue. He decided to take the matter into his own hands, by visiting various farms and fruit suppliers, collecting tonnes of fruits to give to charities and to make delicious smoothies, this is how OOZE drinks was born simply from the desire of solving the issue of food waste in a delicious and 100% naturally way.

The story so far


OOZE Drinks has not officially launched in store yet but our drinks has already gained attraction with many consumers, selling over 3000 units of drinks in just 4 months through offices, events, universities and markets, while raising awareness about food waste, winning multiple awards for sustainability and innovation and  validating the demand for our products.


We want to use the power of food to inspire our society 

We believe we can do more than just saving fruit, the issue with food being rejected, overlooked and judged is something that we can see reflected in our communities. As a society we tend to look at people from their outer appearance, judge them because they are different and exclude them from society, when what actually matters is the inside. 


At OOZE drinks, we have taken this seriously, and intent on launching an oozing campaign in schools. In partnership with the multi-award winning BeScience STEM charity, we will be hosting a School Smoothie Tour in March, where we will be teaching students about the importance of diversity, the impact of fruit waste and how they can make smoothies at home that are tasty and scrumptious.

Why your support really matters 

Months ago we took our first steps towards making our food system better, talking to farmers, saving fruits and raising awareness about food waste, we believe we can do a lot more but not  just by ourselves, we want to create something that everyone can be part of, because ooze drinks is about little actions that when put together generates bigger outcomes and that needs a lot of people to get involved.We have a long journey ahead of us and we are inviting  you to take part in our adventure towards reducing food waste,  by contributing  to our campaign  or simply sharing the word out to friends and families.

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Thank you for your support!



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