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We did it!

On 29th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £11,404 of £10,000 target with 196 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target


Thanks to everyone who has donated, we're blown away by the amount you've raised so far. We're even happier that we've made it with a day to spare.

We've decided to really go for gold... We've set a stretch target of £13,000 - Deki's lucky number. 

We've raised an absolutely staggering amount. £10,000 is going to help us continue operating on a shoestring budget, and we're proud that we're going to be able to keep promoting empowerment, not dependency, and helping our entrepreneurs find their own way to dignity and change.

But doing what we do is hard. That's why we've decided to increase our target to £13,000.  Deki's lucky number is 13 - going against most traditions, we know - but we've always gone against the grain; we do charity differently, after all. 

So why is it our lucky number? Perhaps it's because:

  • We changed nearly 13,000 lives in 2016.
  • We have 13 amazing staff and volunteers at Deki.
  • Deki will be 13 in 2022, and will have lent £1,548,325.13 in that year!
  • Deki HQ's postcode includes the numbers 1 and 3.
  • Maybe it's because our CEO's birthday backwards is the 13th.
  • Who also incidentally also drinks about 13 cups of coffee every day.
  • And about 13 more reasons, but we could go on all day.

Please spread the word - we have less than a day to absolutely smash our original target, and reach £13,000.

Deki’s model of entrepreneurship brings empowerment - not dependency.

We are the UK's first and only, independent microfinance charity. When you support Deki 100% of your money goes direct to the entrepreneur. Always. But in order for this to carry on we also need to raise funds to continue operating.

Over the last three years Deki has increased the number of loans it provides by 400% while operating on a shoe string. We want to continue growing BUT we need to ensure we have the right infrastructure in place. There are so many more people that we can help.

Help our entrepreneurs find their own way to success.

Our small team works hard to identify the people who need investment and to provide business support through local field partners. Everything we do is about making sure Deki loans get to those people and that they are given the tools to create a successful and sustainable business.

Deki is different from other organisations because it supports those who cannot get help elsewhere. This is because either their needs are too small for traditional loans, or because their remote location means that other microfinance organisations cannot reach them.

42,000 lives changed and counting...

Our field partners in Africa are small local organisations who share our passion for change in their community. Deki does not charge entrepreneurs any fees, so we rely on your donations to keep going.

Donate today and make a positive difference.

"We have a duty to care about and for our fellow beings. By lending we give dignity to people trying to stand alone in support of their lives and their families. I pay homage to them all, and to Deki for the work that they do to try and readjust the scales."

Deki lender survey, 2016

In 2016 we made 2,063 loans and changed more than 12,500 lives for the better.


Deki is different: Help our entrepreneurs find their own way to dignity and change - invest in us today.

Meet Ayisha...

Thursday is a busy day in Babile’s market in Northern Ghana for Ayisha Mahamud. It is only a short walk from the border of Burkina Faso and hundreds of people have come into the market to buy and sell goods.  A huge variety of stock is sold here – cloth, fruit, rice, grains, vegetables and homewares. The market is divided into different areas. There is a lot of shouting and bartering for the best prices.

32 year old Ayisha has walked from a village about an hour away carrying a huge basket of dried fish. She is married with four children aged 18, 8, 4 and 3. She also cares for two adopted orphans aged 17 and 6, as well as looking after her elderly parents. She has a huge amount of responsibility for her age.

Her husband works as a driver but he struggles to obtain regular work and his income is unreliable. It is never enough to guarantee putting food on the table for so many mouths.

As Ayisha continues to trade she tells me her story. She has had one Deki loan so far and now is applying for a second.

She tells me that since getting her first Deki loan it has allowed her to expand her business. This has been crucial to how much profit she can make, since she can now buy stock in larger quantities.

To get the fish she sells at the market, she has to travel the length of the country, to the sea port Tarkoradi in the back of a truck. This is a bone shaking 12-13 hour journey each way and it means she must leave her six children with her mother-in-law for part of the week. ‘I must make the journey as there I can buy the fish at a better price, I do this every 2 to 3 months and then store the fish’.

She buys the fish in huge baskets and stores them with a neighbour. She then splits the fish into smaller baskets which she sells at the market. If she has a good week she now finds she can sell the fish on for a profit of 500-800 cedis (£90-£140)

Despite the long journey Ayisha insists she wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘I didn’t have the opportunity to go to school. I am so proud my children are now in school. I want them to have a better life. Things are good for me too. Since taking my Deki loan I have become respected in my family, I can have an opinion. If you aren’t respected, you have nothing’.

Told by Bryony Spooner (Deki).

Please donate today and help us make a positive difference.

We promise to continue operating on a shoestring to make sure that every penny we raise makes a difference.

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