Defend Nature

Defend Nature

Please donate to provide tools and training for the volunteers fighting to protect threatened butterflies and moths on our reserves.

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2018 we successfully raised £6,727 of £5,000 target with 272 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated!

We are so grateful you have donated to support the wonderful volunteers working on our reserves, creating perfect conditions for threatened butterflies and moths. Every donation over our target will go towards the upkeep and care of our reserves.

Thank you!

Butterflies and moths are under threat. More than two-thirds of UK species have declined in the last 40 years. Donate today to provide the tools to protect them.

Volunteers on one of our reservesWe provide safe havens for some of the most vulnerable butterflies and moths on our nature reserves. Your donation will help provide training and tools for volunteers to create the perfect conditions for each stage of the life cycle of threatened butterflies and moths. Year-round maintenance at each of our reserve sites is vital to provide them with a secure future.

With your support we can engage new volunteers and equip them to protect our butterflies and moths.

On Saturday 10 March we are mustering an army to take part in our Conservation Day of Action. Events are taking place across the UK to celebrate 50 years of Butterfly Conservation. 

We need to recruit wildlife guardians, to create and care for the special places that butterflies and moths call home. You can help us introduce new volunteers to our nature reserves, encourage communities to get involved in caring for the threatened species they live alongside and provide them with the training and tools they need to make a difference.

Donate today to keep butterflies and moths safe on our reserves.

Your support will help provide our crusaders with the necessary tools, equipment and training to battle scrub, repair fences and plant nectar sources. You can make sure our reserves remain wildlife havens, not just on the Day of Action, but long into the future

Your donation could:

  • Chalk Hill Blue - Jim AsherSupply hand tools, gloves and goggles for volunteers clearing thorny scrub on many reserves such as at Eyarth Rocks in North Wales for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Broadcroft Quarry in Dorset for Silver-studded Blue and Lydford Old Railway in Devon for Heath Fritillary.
  • Repair fences and gates on our grazed reserves such as Magdalen Hill Down in Hampshire allowing stock to graze the sites and create perfect conditions for the threatened Chalk Hill Blue.
  • Provide safety equipment and training for volunteers at our reserves all across the UK in everything from first aid and tree safety surveying to using a chainsaw.

The Conservation Day of Action marks 50 years since Butterfly Conservation came into being; we aim to make Saturday 10 March 2018 one of the largest and best attended conservation days in our history. To find out more about the day and how you can take part visit our website.

Money raised from this crowdfunder will go towards equipment, training and reserve maintenance.

Westbury Beacon Reserve

Our Magdalen Hill Down reserve in Hampshire

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