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Deep Time Walk enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to experience a 4.6bn year history of the living Earth.

by rob@deeptimewalk.org in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

SCREENS: 8 beautiful desktop images inspired by deep time along with 4 mobile phone background images with a big THANK YOU for supporting the Deep Time Walk App project.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

MEDITATIONS: Screens + 8 audio meditation recordings led by Satish Kumar, Stephan Harding and Martin Shaw - via digital download. Meditation details: 3 from Satish Kumar (30, 20, 15 minute meditations), 4 contemplations from Stephan Harding (Well of Deep Time, Riding the Clouds, The Carbon Cycle and Ode to the Elements) and Martin Shaw reading an exclusive extract on Deep Time from his book Scatterlings. All available via a digital download.

£30 or more

17 of 175 claimed

£30 Reward

STRATA CARDS: 1 printed pack of 52 beautiful cards with unique images matched to each 100 Million Years Ago periods across deep time with corresponding information and scale ruler. Use for leading your own Deep Time Walks, or as an accompaniment to the app experience.

£45 or more

15 of 150 claimed

£45 Reward

BOOK & STRATA SET: includes 1 printed book of the complete Deep Time Walk script written by Stephan Harding and Peter Oswald (inc. a comprehensive glossary written for the Deep Time Walk) and 1 pack of Strata Cards.

£65 or more

5 of 100 claimed

£65 Reward

DIGITAL LEARNING PACK: 6+ hours of tutorials (on Resilience, Ecology and Gaia Theory) by Science Director, Stephan Harding + Mediations pack + a digital version of the Deep Time Walk script + a digital version of the Strata Cards to print yourself. Audio Meditation pack Digital version of the cards to print yourself. 46 screensaver images.

£100 or more

12 of 75 claimed

£100 Reward

LOVELOCK COLLECTION: Digital Learning Pack + 1 Book & Strata Set + 1 exclusive audio CD of the production.

£500 or more

3 of 25 claimed

£500 Reward

TEACHING PACK: Digital Learning Pack + 15 printed copies of the Deep Time Walk book, 15 packs of Strata Cards, 3 exclusive audio CD's of the production. Plus, a Deep Time Walk in person with Stephan Harding in Devon on Sunday July 9th or Saturday 16th September.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

EON PATRON: Teaching Pack (includes Digital Learning Pack, 15 books, 15 packs of Strata Cards, 3 audio CD's) + 20 free codes to give away of the Deep Time Walk App (10 iOS / 10 Android ). Plus a Deep Time Walk for two people with Stephan Harding in Devon on Sunday July 9th or Saturday 16th September.

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