Debt & Money Workshops

Debt & Money Workshops

To provide debt advice and money coaching to the local community. In particular those who may have difficulty in managing their finances.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There are so many people struggling with their finances in the UK, and here in Birmingham there are many who don't have the skills to make the most of their money.

We regularly work with those in financial difficulty, for whatever reason.  It could be that they are out of work, have lost a loved one who contrtributed to the houshold income, or maybe they have become ill or injured and unable to work.  Whatever the reason, the results are the same.  If you suddenly have less coming in, then you need to take action.

We have written a Debt & Money Workbook which will be used in conjuction with workshops or one to one coaching.  This will include identifying areas that need addressing such as difficult debts, budgetting, listing Income and Expenditure.  The book is designed for use with the client and they can re-use it to formulate their own financial strategy.  It also addresses things like what to do if your benefits stop, returning to work, making savings on your expenses, looking at additional income streams and planning for the future.

The project would be used to fund the printing of the workbooks, provision of workshops and private coaching sessions, and where needed financial intervention to sort out specific debt issues.