Deaf is Cool Space

We are a local Deaf support organisation and we are trying to raise funds to finish our new space, so we can open to public.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Having Our own Center/ headquarters has been a goal of ours since we started 10 years ago through, hard work percivearance and the support of some very kind people at Lewisham council , we are now very close to realising this dream after acquiring a unit at the leagate shopping centre . I have been on a one man mission for the most part over the past few weeks knocking down walls painting floors and walls, doing electrical work, mixing and poring concrete and trying to design the final look of this space.

Alas I have come to realisation that I am not an island and as noble as I may think all 6am starts and 7pm finishes are and as much as I love doing all the work and feeling the Sense of pride that comes with it and as much as I and trying to save money by doing all this his work on my own, it just won't get finished with your donations. We want to give Deaf and Hearing people a cool space to enjoy, learn, share with each other their experiences, develop new interesting and life changing skills, have a greater understanding of the deaf and the hearing world, have fun and develop a greater sense of community all under the same roof all at the same time .

This is your chance to help us make all that happen at the "Deaf Is Cool" space. In order to provide essential equipment, expertise, experience, an excellent, inclusive and fun space requires to meet the needs of the deaf and hearing Community within Lewisham so we can  keep shouting: Deaf Is Cool! We need to open to the public by November 7th 2017 as we are already paying rent on the space so we desperately need your help to get us over the line.

This is what I have done so far on the space: keep reading to see how you can help and what rewards we have for your support.


"So Why Should You Help you may ask?"..

Within the borough of Lewisham there are over a 170 deaf people children to adults that we know about. Services are being cut nationally and people with disabilities struggle to have their needs met and function as happy, health and contributing members of society. While we don't claim to have all the answers as a father of a deaf child myself I know the importance of social inclusion to children,young people and adults alike who have a disability.  Deaf is Cool space aims to give deaf and hearing people a place to socialis,learn new skills through workshops and Sign Language classes, network and have fun.

As a resident of Lewisham I thought it only right that I try to make a difference in own community by doing this project. We want to engage with deaf community who I know have very little services available to them as the council through no fault of their own struggle to meet the needs of all the people in the borough with a disability. We also want to hearing community to have a greater understanding of the deaf community within Lewisham and bridge the gap between the two. With "Your Donations"  The Deaf Is Cool space will help us do that.

Phase 1 

Phase 1 was aquier the building and do the initial ground works and we have done that. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 was resurface the floor, paint, do electrical works, build cafe area, build bathroom, refurb old bathroom and create accessible entrance. Dispite not being able to raise all the funds needed, through pure hard work and the blessings God we have managed to do this. 

Phase 3 

Phase 3  this is where we are at the moment. We have got a pool table, we also have studio lighting, we need coffee machines, juicers, blenders, projector And screen , direct to garment printer, fridge, PA system and signage,Get ready for Grand opening !


How can you help?

We need your donation to equip all the different areas in the space as well as to help with the monthly running cost of the space. We have to pay £602 per month and we need to have the space up and running so we can make it sustainable and paying for itself.

How will your money be spent. 


How will we say thank you for your kindness ?

We a few very Cool and very special rewards to offer just to say thank you for your contribution to this very vital project and I'm sure you all will be eager to take advantage of most if not all of them.  As with most things in life the more you put in the more get out. " I'm sure that's not your reason for supporting us but we want to thank you in as big a way as you are giving to us". You will receive Tshirts and hoodies From our DEAF IS COOL collection, Day courses in British sign language, level one courses in British Sign Language (for which you will obtain your level one certificatio), Photoshoot in or brand new photo studio ,the opportunity to use the DEAF IS COOL space to host your own event and free coffee for a week from our café.

We appreciate whatever you can give so all donations are welcome and whatever you can give is a sure fire way to warm your heart; with the knowledge that you helped to a really cool and inclusive space for Lewisham's residents.  That you did your bit to help let everyone know that " DEAF IS COOL"

A little look at a few of the rewards you will receive!

tshirts. Hoodies. Photoshoot. British Sign Language classes. Free hire of the space


Thank you for your support and see you soon at DEAF IS COOL SPACE !

Meaka Bears Deaf Support 

(Social enterprise number 7311924)