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We aim to create an engaging and entertaining film; that will excite the horror community and will be submitted into film festivals.

by India Moan in Salford, England, United Kingdom


“Dead of Night” is a survival/horror that tells the story of Aemon; who is left to persevere on his own in the bleak empty setting of wasteland Manchester. His survival routine then takes an unexpected turn when he meets a fellow survivor, Mia. What is their threat? Animalistic...shrieking...bone-cracking vampires like you've never seen before. 

In the current modern horror genre, there is a cult following of films that take a stylistic approach to classic horror themes. For example, Hereditary, The Witch and Don't Breathe.

Over the past 3 years there have been a rise in similar stylised features that cater to this niche audience. We consider this our target audience. We aim to submit into film festivals such as “Grimmfest” and “Dead by Dawn”, which cater to this community.


With regard to funding, we aim to focus our efforts on production design and cast. We aim to use social media to raise awareness for this, through developing engaging content across various platforms. Although a week old we are already gaining momentum on this through our Instagram. Our target is £2,000 for these extremities.

 As you can see from the chart above, the largest part of our budget is being allocated to hiring actors. 25% of funds will be used to find principle cast and extras. Our director Karl Koo's philosophy towards this is;

"In order to meet the cinematic requirements of the film, I believe that a strong performance from the actors will enhance our short to a professional level. This can only be achieved by trusting in the actors so that they believe in us." 

From his guidance we have concluded that the more time we put into finding actors, the more convincing their performance will look on camera. It will enhance the character driven story to make it believable and relatable while also being a captivating story. 

Director Karl Koo (Below)

The joint second largest budget cost is make-up. We want to make the vampires the stars of the show; and an effective way to do this is to use professional effects. The use of the practical make-up and make-up artists will enhance our production value as well as onscreen scares. We are working with experienced make-up artist Elena Martinez Moreno to create our scare factor. 


In order to make our film we will require two key indoor locations, a home and a warehouse. These locations won’t come without a fee and in order for us to match this, we’ll need your help. We believe if we can get these locations it will elevate our films production value and give our film a more professional and realistic back drop. If our budget even stretches, we will aim for Victoria Baths, a location used by BBC's "Peaky Blinders". 


All crew members on the project have previous experience with working on thrillers, horrors and suspense. We aim to improve on our creative and technical skills in this style.

  • Benjamin Darlington as the sound designer will bring to the project the ability to create fear and suspense sonically. In particular through the use of world sounds and ambient music rather than orchestral score.
  • Karl Koo our director will bring direction to the film by helping the cast and crew to have a single clear understanding of the vision for the script. 
  • Producer India Moan; having previous experience with management and marketing, will bring enthusiasm and organisation to the project. 
  • Victoria Barrera; as the cinematographer, will create a continuous style for the film through directing the camera and lighting department. 
  • Lucy Frodsham will show the progression of character development in a post-apocalyptic environment by creating convincing sets and costumes that will help drive the plot forward and inform the viewers of the characters motivation. 
  • Camden Nightingale as 1st AD will create and manage a working schedule, breakdown the key components of the script and generally ensure a logistical, efficient and cohesive workflow whenever possible.
  • Jacob Lathbury, as the Gaffer, will research the methods and create lighting setups as planned with the DOP to help create an immersive and cinematic world. 
  • Connor Gready; as visual effects supervisor and camera op, will research and test techniques to conflate the two arts in order to enhance the director's vision of a post-apocalyptic world.


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Spooky Special!

You'll receive a personal thank you from our team on our social media and will be included in the end credits of the film!

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You will receive a personal thank you on our social media handles from the crew, and an on-set behind the scenes photograph!

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You will receive a digital download of the film! As stated above, you will receive a digital download of the film (before the release date) and a personal thank you on our social media! You will also be included in the end credits; plus an 'on-set' photograph from behind the scenes of the film.

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Scary Storyboard!

Exclusive Pre-Production concept art and storyboard design! If you donate £50 or more you will receive exclusive pre-production concept art and a storyboard design. This is as well as a digital download of the film (before the official release date), an 'on-set’ photograph from behind the scenes, a personal thank you on our social media and of course, an end credit on the final copy.

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The big 100!

VIP half day visit to set! If you donate £100 or more you will receive a VIP half day visit to set, exclusive pre-production concept art and a storyboard design, a digital download of the film, an 'on-set’ photograph of the cast and crew, a personal thank you on our social media and an end credit on the final feature.

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Dead of Night Special!

Congratulations! You’re an executive producer! If you donate £200, thank you very much you generous soul! You will receive an official credit as 'Executive Producer' at the beginning of our end credits , a VIP half day visit to set, exclusive pre-production concept art and a storyboard design, a digital download of the film, an 'on-set’ photograph of the cast and crew and a personal thank you on our social media.

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