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by Steve Rush in York, England, United Kingdom

Dead Head Club


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Our aim is simple, we aren’t crowd pleasers, we don’t follow the crowd we are proud to be different. We wish to celebrate indifference.

by Steve Rush in York, England, United Kingdom

1595435741_28e8aa6c-3d06-4d24-b1ee-9f432943da47.jpegMy story started 6 years ago in Afghanistan, a soldier like many thinking is this really what life is about. There must be more to life than this, being told where to go, what to do, when to do it, I soon began to realise that through school, in the military, in the workplace I wasn’t like many others. What’s wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me? Then it hit me! Hell no! I just don’t follow the crowd, I’m real.

It soon became clear I had this longing to be true and actually celebrate my indifference. I think if you can’t be who you are and true to yourself what are you doing! This is when Dead Head Club was born. Enough with the weather aren’t just another clothing brand’ or ‘follow the movement’ just be you.

Our Dead Head Club collections are designed to be fun, provocative, out there and always luxurious, a premium brand with an attention to craftsmanship that is rarely matched within the industry. The Dead Head brand and lifestyle are a tribute to the passionate individualist who transforms their innermost desires into reality, who makes a daily promise to stay true to their real selves.

We will start with our flagship Black Label collection, These essentials are brought to life with ultra-soft fabrics and bold agenda. You’ll find a dark and rebellious spirit in each top with slick leather and gunmetal accents along with our unrivalled attention to detail.

Dead Head will push the boundaries and we will become the next brand within the major premium retailers.

Why follow the movement when you can become the movement


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