Dayspring Academy - Equipment and Supplies

by Maria Ferrie in Kitwe

Dayspring Academy - Equipment and Supplies
We did it
On 16th September 2018 we successfully raised £430 with 13 supporters in 56 days

To purchase primary school equipment and supplies to kit out a new school which is being built and due to open to children in January 2019

by Maria Ferrie in Kitwe

Kitwe Zambia Dayspring Academy

I have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Kitwe Zambia twice in the last 2 years. 

One thing I discovered on my visits was how vital education is, yet for some, attending school is almost impossible.  7427b840aa00ff75834b10d3a9c5323eb605bb18

Dayspring Ministries International had a dream to build a school on a site they already owned. However they had no funds. Over the last year getting on for £100,000 has been raised meaning the building project and the dream could be realised.

In May this year,  Dayspring Academy Pre School in Kitwe Zambia opened it's doors to  pupils for the 1st time (see project image).  The next step is to build the Primary school with the remaining funds already raised.


What I am hoping  to do is raise funds to help  equip the school with every thing you could hope or imagine that your own children/grandchildren would have access to when attending school.

Individuals, organisations and schools have already been very supportive in donating 2nd hand furniture, which is going into a shipping container we will be sending out to Kitwe at the end of September. 5e19a9a68ea82ddea8ecb4864cb183baca58e669However,  there is still much that we would love to be able to purchase and supply to the school. Computer equipment, tablets, interactive white boards desks and chairs for the pupils to sit at.  Paper, pencils, exercise books, sports equipment.....if you can think of it they probably need it! Actually come to think of it sinks and toilets too!

It occurred to me that not everyone would have any equipment they can donate, but would still like to help, so I decided to set up this crowd funding page. I have been amazed at how generous people have already been, but if you are able to support us with even the smallest donation I can assure you that your money will be added to other donations and Dayspring Academy will be equipped and ready to offer it's new young pupils the most amazing educational opportunity.


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