Support for Homeless in Gyumri

by haykgroup in Gyumri

We did it
On 22nd March 2016 we successfully raised £35,835 with 786 supporters in 63 days

With the money raised we will purchase 13 houses and will film the resettlement of each family so you can share with their joy.

by haykgroup in Gyumri

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Tigran Baghdasaryan 19th March 2016

Hayasa Armenian student association from Belgium welcomes the initiative and calls other unions of Diaspora to join the cause. My pledge of £300 is a joint contribution from many students and youth from Belgium. The idea was proposed first by our members Ani Bazikyan and Ani Paitjan who organized film screening evening in Brussels to raise money for Gyumri. Thank you Hayk Barseghyan for the initiative!

Karine 15th March 2016

լինենք միշտ միասնական, ոտքի կանգնեցնենք ամեն նեղյալ հայի ։We always have to support who needs our help !

Taguhi 8th March 2016

Շնորհակալություն նախագծի կազմակերպիչներին և հաջողություն!!!

Davit 4th March 2016

I want to support Hayk. The main reason for me pledging the amount is to support Hayk and his friends. I can agree the professor, who is telling that buying the houses is not good idea, the more robust solution will be to teach this homeless people some professional skills, which will let them buy houses by themselves in the future. Maybe that's a good point, but you know what - Hayk deserves support and he will do much better stuff in the future, if we help him to believe that he can change something. One good project can lead to significant changes and I believe in that. Please do not stop Hayk ջան.

Narek Payaslyan 4th March 2016

Thank you guys for doing kids of good work. I hop my little foundation will help and will come true our dreams to see good thinks in Gyumri

Anahit Musheghyan 26th February 2016

Երկիրը մարդիկ են․ իսկ արդիկ պիտի մարդու պես ապրեն։ Ժամանակն է, որ Գյումրին ոտքի կանգնի՝ ամոթի օրը վերազարթոնքի օր դարձնելով։

Alfred Zohrabian 26th February 2016

This is a humanitarian issue please let’s stick to the rules. Homelessness in not only Armenia’s problem. Many countries including western countries also have this problem. Please help if you can but don’t blame others and also don’t look back but future. Let’s help as many people as possible by contribution as much as you can so these people have roof above their heads and a future for their children which will be Armenia’s future. I suggest anyone who contributed once to contribute again please. Together with blessing we can make it. Please remain positive and proud in what you do. God bless Armenia.

Vahram 25th February 2016

I am very sorry, that Armenia has gambler president and terrible oligarkhs, which don't care about nation, but happy, that there are people like you in that country. Thank you very much and keep fingers crossed. God bless all project organizators and supporters.


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