David Young - Pro Brexit Independent for Poole

by Vicky Spence in Poole, England, United Kingdom

David Young - Pro Brexit Independent for Poole


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Having contested the Poole seat in 2015 (coming a strong 2nd), I am back to push for a Leave Brexit and to Protect & Promote Poole.

by Vicky Spence in Poole, England, United Kingdom

I was the nominated Brexit Party Candidate for Poole, but was stood down by Nigel Farage on November 11th.

I have been asked by local supporters to continue to run, but as an Independent:

  • Many local people, whether or not they voted Leave, feel strongly that the referendum result should be honoured but that Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement represents an appalling surrender. We certainly wouldn't get our fishing back. We would be hamstrung by the regulatory alignment rules and unable to escape from an international treaty which imposes unspecified financial burdens on us.
  • Here in Poole even many Conservatives are dissatisfied with their own MP (who is often referred to as the "Missing Person") and would like to have an option to object, without supporting a potential Corbyn-led coalition.

All monies raised will be used to campaign in and around Poole and help purchase banners, leaflets and advertising space.


The Brexit Party is delighted to announce the selection of Dr David Young as the party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Poole.

David Young, an experienced business growth advisor and local resident for over 20 years, will bring all his experience and energy to contest the constituency in the next general election, standing against incumbent Sir Robert Syms, MP.

David Young, Brexit Party Candidate, said:

 “We now face a bigger crisis even than Brexit; the future of democracy is hanging in the balance. British politics is broken - possibly permanently, if the Establishment is allowed to get away with this betrayal. The old two-party see-saw and the outdated politics of left & right serve only themselves. The population is treated as an annoyance, to be taxed and told what to do. But the British people deserve so much better than this. So I’m standing as the Brexit Party candidate in Poole, with the goal of changing politics for good. And I’m standing for everyone; not for any narrow interest group, nor for some section of society."

Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman said:

“The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election with a full slate of candidates in all the UK’s 650 constituencies. We will take on the major parties, which have failed the British people time and time again. The vast majority of our candidates are entering politics for the first time and they come from all walks of life, backgrounds, races and religions. Their greatest strength is that they are not professional politicians, but are competent individuals, connected to their local areas and issues they seek to represent. They have achieved great things in their professional or personal life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners and economists – to teachers, academics, forklift driver and bankers. But we all share a commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy and change politics for good.” 

David Young’s selection was welcomed by Ann Widdecombe, MEP:

“I am delighted David is back to stand again in Poole for democracy in Britain and to change politics for good, at the national and the local levels. He brings much needed fresh energy to the Beautiful Place - and will serve it well!”

Let's make 'David Young - Pro Brexit Independent for Poole' happen

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