Get David to Chicago!

by Donna Starling in Newbury, England, United Kingdom

Get David to Chicago!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

David has helped me with getting my huge cosplays to conventions and has piloted Bahamut for the community - Help us get him to Chicago

by Donna Starling in Newbury, England, United Kingdom

I have had the most unexpected and amazing thing happen! I got picked to be the UK representative at the C2E2 Global championships in Chicago next year!!  the prize is flights, accommodation and tickets to C2E2 for 2 people. 

A friend on Twitter said what a shame we couldn't get all of "Team Starling" there together since we've always worked hard together and I really can't do these crazy cosplays without the help from my family. I replied that there was no way I could afford it (my cosplays are budget for a reason! lol) and they suggested crowd funding. 

At first I instantly dismissed the idea, but several people have now said that they think others might help out and said that we have worked hard to bring these costumes to conventions and events for the community. We've even brought fat chocobo to London on several occasions at the requests of others including to do some promo work for Square Enix for the release of Stormblood. 

 I'm not going to lie, the costumes are VERY hard work! Not only to build but to transport and even wear. David suffered what he now calls the "curse of Bahamut" after each time wearing the outfit... he's mildly claustrophobic yet wears the cramped head piece anyway, we believe that the anxiety as well as the physical strain has caused the colossal nosebleeds he gets...but will that stop him? Nope! Our last outing with Bahamut was purely to bring him to MCM for a couple of people who had requested to see him. 

So the more I think about it, the more I really feel David deserves a trip to Chicago too...

Also, I'd love for Team Starling to be complete to support me in such a huge competition for me that I never thought was ever possible for such a low budget Cosplay. I hope I can also inspire others that cosplay doesn't have to be expensive.

but there's where I need your help. My cosplays aren't JUST budget to be environmentally friendly (recycled materials etc) but also because we don't have the money to spend on materials... so getting David to Chicago would be a far off dream..... unless.... 

If we can raise at least £800, it makes it affordable for me to foot the rest to get him there.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward - Giveaway entry

For everyone pledging £10 or more, not only do you get our undying gratitude, but an entry into a giveaway which will be drawn when this project closes. Giveaway includes: 1x Great Serpent of Ronka Plush (made by me), 1x Y'shtola Art card from Distant Worlds, 1x korpokkur keyring from Fan Fest, 1x goobbue fabric patch from Fan fest. (See Giveaway Prize in "Updates" section)

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