David: A digitally interactive dance experience exploring identity and community through the act of watching other online

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                Photography: Mira Loew 

After dancing, collaborating and performing in the UK for 10 years Rebecca Evans looked to form a creative outlet for ideas, experiments and investigations, thus contemporary dance company, Pell Ensemble, was born in 2012.

Our mission?  Out of the everyday, extraordinary movement

The guts: Making whole-hearted work for audiences who want to think and feel.  Pell Ensembles work un-picks identity and its role in the individual vs. group dynamic.  Exquisite and full-bodied the company seeks new ways, through unusual settings and technology, to connect the audience to themselves and the world around them now.  


'David' is Pell Ensemble's 5th work and brings together an incredible team of dance and digital collaborators.  The performance combines interactive phone technologies, projection, dance and sound all controlled by the audience on their mobiles.  

What? Peeping and posting. Gawping or googling. Starting out as a visitor and morphing into a VOYEUR…‘David’ explores our search for identity and community through the act of watching and witnessing others online. 

**You can interact with David online, right now!  He is on facebook (David David) and instagram (david.da.v.id.david).  Your decision and interaction will change who he becomes and how he interacts with his world.  

How? We are working with second screen technology company Monterosa (http://www.monterosa.co.uk/) and projection/technology wiz kid Pete Boatfield to allow the audience to influence outcomes in the space through their decisions, voting, ratings and information.  

Who? (Super excited about this team!) Rebecca Evans (me) choreographing, David Ogle: dancing and collaborating with his incredible mind, Donald Hutera: Dramaturging and wordsmithing the interaction on the mobiles (like a boss), Pete Boatfield:  Creating projection and interactive magic, Ehud Freedman: composing the music that we move to, Sinead Sexton: dreaming up and building our fantastic set and helping to hold all these creative minds together is Producer: Jih Wen Yeh.  

Also (and very important) This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

When? 30 minute sharing and Q&A of phase 1 will be held in 3 different slots (30 people per slot) at Richmix on the 26th of February (http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/search/?day=1456444800).  Come see, let us know what you loved, what you hated and what you want to see in the future hour long work.  

Where?  We have some great partners providing us with space to create and share. Chisenhale Dance Space, Metal: Peterborough, Leyton 6th Form Expressive Arts Department and Rich Mix.

Why are we asking for money??? Technology is exciting but expensive! (Especially for independent dance artists). The arts council and our partners have supported us with as much as they can give but to create the level of interactivity we are aiming for we need to raise further funds. As mentioned this is for phase one, a time to create a short but high quality work to attract the funders and partners we need to pull out all the stops in creation during phase 2.

Supporting us means time, more layers of interaction and a richer audience experience.  So please donate, your backing will help an artist and independent company create exciting work that investigates a relevant topic.    

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