Dave 2 TWT2016

by David Hooke in London, England, United Kingdom

Dave 2 TWT2016
We did it
On 6th October 2016 we successfully raised £92 with 8 supporters in 14 days

I am a disability and mental health activist and campaigner. Primary objective: Meal and city travel expenses for TWT 2016 in Liverpool

by David Hooke in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you to my backers for covering recent expenses and my meals and travel in Liverpool.  I have £25 a day to spend. With your help I can do even more. The odds are still favourable for you to  win a copy of The Beatles double album (aka The White Album) valued at £30-£50.

Each further donation  will help me gain valuable tools, information, and contacts during my four days in Liverpool. 

Some projects for the rest of the year are:

- A George Martin Music/Production Scholarship.  The Beatles Producer grew up in poverty in  Drayton Park, Islington. He also had family in Holloway. He died earlier this year. I have submitted an application for a plaque that will hopefully be installed in 2017/18. I would also like to try to get something more than a plaque to commemorate his role in helping the Beatles come to  prominence during a time of much positive change. Particularly, a music or production scholarship  for talented young local musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds would seem fitting. 

- IT support remotely and at users' homes for DPAC. 

- An investigation into the data security of the pilot "jobs at the GP"  scheme involving Remploy in Islington. Maximus, of the Work Capability Assessments, are major shareholders in Remploy.

CareMyWay is another new initiative that requires independent IT vetting. It provides digital access to patient records,  with involvement from the private sector. 

- Further involvement with the campaign to keep Hornsey Town Hall Green publicly owned.   

Every pound helps. 


I am a progressive activist campaigning and acting to improve mental health services and understanding in my local area and beyond, not least in the  political sphere. I have a holistic approach to mental health and recognise the importance of many factors especially the environment as well as art & music in improving the lives of individuals and communities. 

I have taken part in two recent direct actions with Disabled People Against The Cuts:

1. A disobedient guerrilla art takeover of space in the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern, which was a positive experience for activists, the gallery, its staff, and the visiting public.

2. The closing of Westminster Bridge in order  to highlight the deaths arising from government policies. This was more controversial, but the refusal of the government to publicise the United Nations commission's findings on human rights abuses against disabled people in the United Kingdom received attention across national media.

My primary objective is to raise expenses (meals, city travel etc)  for my trip to Liverpool on Saturday during the Labour Party conference, so that I can connect with DPAC and other activists. Momentum have made the trip and accommodation as cheap as possible but recent political activities and  relevant volunteering have left me seriously out of pocket. Having obtained a diagnosis of Mixed Affective Bipolar Disorder only in February, and the process being unnecessarily onerous and stressful, I am not yet receiving the disability benefit I am entitled to. Hillside Clubhouse are helping me with my application for PIP. 

I have devoted the majority of this year to progressive causes, online and in person.

Over the next six weeks I am taking part in a Disability Action Theatre project on economic oppression, in association with Disability Action Islington and The Royal Society of Arts. We will be presenting the performance to 15-20  Islington people with disabilities. 

I have attended political and policy events hosted by bodies such as Compass, The Royal Society For The Encouragement of The Arts, and the British Humanist Association.  

I am taking an active role in the campaign to keep Hornsey Town Hall Green publicly owned. 

I attend the  excellent NHS run Recovery College and naturally have a vested interest in making sure their work continues with sufficient funding.  

In Liverpool, aside from DPAC, I intend to share ideas and learn from other mental health activists and groups, connect with the Don't Buy The Sun campaign, further my knowledge of performance based political action, and learn more about the role of Psychology in tackling austerity, which hits the disabled disproportionately. 

If you can, please contribute a small amount so I can eat and travel in Liverpool.  Anything over £90 will be spent on relevant conference fringe and cultural activities in Liverpool. Anything raised over £170 will be saved and spent on activism expenses in London. NB: I do not require crowdfunding for expenses for Disability Action Theatre.

Anything over £300 will be donated directly to DPAC. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

A thank you for believing in my project!

£4 or more

£4 Reward

Donations made before Monday 26th September: Entry to a draw for a rare French vinyl pressing of The Beatles' White Album, 1976, excellent++ condition, value £30—£50, ever rising (as vinyl is a more stable investment than gold). I will literally pull a name out of a hat on 30th September. Everyone who donates at least £4 before the 26th will be entered into the draw.

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

A customised 15 second gif, plus video with original music, or the music of your choice. For your own campaign, an online greeting card... it's up to you.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A customised 30 second gif plus video with original music or your choice of music. For your own campaign, online greeting card... It's up to you. In addition, a lucky dip Beatles/Beach Boys/Paul McCartney vinyl 45. Five of these are worth £1.50 - £2 each. The other three are worth £4 - £8

£75 or more

0 of 1 claimed

£75 Reward

On return from Liverpool, I will finally have enough money in my account to complete the transfer of my bank account to Nationwide from Barclays, a process motivated by Barclay's sponsorship of fracking in North Yorkshire. I hope knowing that counts as a reward.

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