My daughters dyslexic test

My daughters dyslexic test

To raise money in order for my daughter to have a dyslexic test.

We did it!

On 30th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £100 with 1 supporter in 56 days

My daughter Katie is in year 7 in school. We've had concerns since she was about 6 years old that she may be dyslexic as she struggles with certain parts of her reading and the letters move around and she has to really concentrate to read things. This has held her up in the past and we would like to get a dyslexic test done. We were told the school were going to test her this week and they've come back today and said she can use the cards and her colours are yellow and blue. But this isn't a dyslexic test, they want to wait until she is in year 10 and appraoching exams before they'll decide if they are going to help her. If she is dyslexic then she gets extra time for work, tests and exams. Wasting 3 years of valuable education time is not something we want to do. They also said that anyone who scores below 85 on their CAT test would automatically be tested now, she scored 86 and 89 so they won't do it. Looking into this, the cost of a test can vary from around £300 - £700. I'm looking to raise £600 for this with any extra being donated to The Dyslexic Assosciation.

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