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Daughter is something we've wanted to start for a long time due to the amazing storyline and opportunities.

by Daughter Crew in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom

Short Summary

Daughter is something we've wanted to start for a long time due to the amazing storyline and opportunities however a lack of funding means we haven't been able to start filming. We have high ambitions for this to be the first of many zombie films that will be both exciting and emotional.

What We Need & What You Get

We need around £1,500 cleverly worked out by our director. Your kind donations will mean that we can film with top quality equipment, hire top quality actors and shoot in amazing locations with amazing makeup, costumes and props. Any money left over at the end will be redistributed into the next film or the publishing of the first one so none of your donations will go to waste! Our film is different to most as it adds a level of humour to the zombie apocalypse while also having an amazing and heart tugging story line that will keep you watching more. 

Our film will be a new and interesting idea that not many people have touched on in the zombie/horror/thriller category. It is also a long term commitment which guarantees an extraordinary story and characters. Our director, William Axtell, has already published his own zombie films as well as successful comics and many short films. He is very experienced and has an amazing cast and crew behind him. This film will be amazing if we have the funding and from deep down in our hearts we thank anyone who reads this and makes a donation, your support is great and really inspires us to keep making films.

We hope to not have any major problems while filming. If we receive enough funding we will be able to film in amazing locations and use quality actors. Our only issue is if we don't get enough funding as it means on cutting back on the little things that make these films so great. If we don't receive enough we will still be extremely grateful and work with what we've got as best we can.

Any kind of support will help us even if its non-financial. Following us on social media at @daughter.film on Instagram and @WilliamAxtell on Facebook! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Names in the credits!

If you donate anything, you're name will be in the credits to the film!

£25 or more

Signed Poster

Receive a poster signed by all the cast members!

£50 or more

Ticket to the premier

Come and watch the film and meet the actors before anyone else!

£100 or more

Ticket + DVD+Signed Poster

Receive tickets to the premier, a free copy of the DVD and a poster signed by all the cast!

£250 or more

Interview with cast + other rewards

All of the other rewards + a filmed interview with the cast members/crew of your choice!

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