Dance Around The World Festival

Dance Around The World Festival is a 2-day dance festival open to anyone, from 10am to 11pm on 22/23 Oct. Workshops, Performances, Parties

We did it!

On 18th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £990 of £600 target with 12 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

I am over funding to increase audience attendance. This  will be achieved by placing large colourful adverts in popular papers. With a larger audience we will become independent of funding. This has always been our aim but we were never able to do it.

Dance Around The World (DATW) is a 2-day inter-cultural, inter-generational dance festival open to anyone - absolutely no restrictions. There's no need for a partner nor previous experience. 50 diverse London Ethnic groups celebrate their dance and music together. There are about 50 different performances and  45 one-hour workshops over the weekend. These workshops are open for any ability.   We have wheelchair access and facilities.

There is a video with excerpts of the festival on :

Why I am Crowdfunding?

This year our hall hire has increased by £700! As we only make a small profit each year, enough to start the next one,  we will need to cover the money gap. This is our 16th annual festival.

The aims of Dance Around The World C.I.C. 

1. We want to encourage more people to dance, especially Folk dance. However we present many other styles as well.  It has been agreed by medical practicioners and researchers that dance is the best physical leisure activity to improve health and wellbeing, especially for older people. The improvements are physical, mental, emotional and social as well as being a lot of fun.

2. We want to facilitate more socializing between people of different cultures, religions and ethnic origin. By sharing their music and dance in a friendly safe environment, whilst enjoying themselves, much can be achieved. Barriers of prejudice, mistrust, judgement are broken down and in it's place, understanding, respect, tolerance and pride in one's own culture. Harmony and peace is much needed in the present political climate. Hopefully we will build stronger communities by celebrating the heritage of each of the cultural groups.

What happens at a DATW festival?

From 10am to 7pm there are changing costumed performances in the beautiful main hall - no repeats. In the two smaller halls and the marquee there are changing 1 hour workshops - no repeats. Experienced workshop leaders cater for all abilities. Everyone receives a free programme with pictures of the previous festival and details of all the current artists. Some attendees may want to join one of the groups, which is our intention.

From 7 to 11pm we have dance parties. Sat. night is Latin American/Caribbean/African dance  with dance animateurs who get the attendees dancing. You would dance to the music of about nine different countries. Sun. night is European/ American folk dance with a band and a caller who gets the attendees dancing.

The performances are relayed to the Cafe area, and in the bar there is a rolling programme of previous year's images.  At times there is a jam session happening in the bar. There is also a free cloakrrom with attendant. In every free spot you see performers in costume rehearsing their dances.

DATW thinks it is unique because:

The organisers, volunteers who help to run the event and 99% of the artists are not paid. Artists ask to come back most years. Their reward is two free days and nights of the festival with all workshops and performances included.

As it happens indoors, it is not affected by weather conditions.

There is no other dance festival where there is so much variety in the performances and workshops. Amongst many others  we present: Spanish, Caribbean, Indian, Bulgarian, Russian, English, Greek, Phillipino, Belly dance, Morris, Peruvian, Colombian, Cuban, South African, Street dance, Line dance, Tango, Gypsy, Quadrille, Hungarian, Carnival dance, Maori, Polish, Brazilian.

The entry price includes everything - no extra money for workshops or parties. There are discounts and children don't pay.

What do we do with the money

We used to need about £6000 to run the event. This year it will be £6700.  We pay for the three halls, the marquee hire and  heating, cloakroom attendant, volunteer meals, programmes, fliers, postage, posters,  set-up/take down team, water, wristbands, bands,    plus cards, T-shirts and Hoodies which we sell at a profit. Most of our income comes from ticket sales, donations, fees from workshops during the year and hire of our dance floor.

Where to find us

website: www,

facebook: Dance Around the World@DanceAroundTheWorldCIC

Where, When, How Much

It happens on the 22nd and 23rd October at Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Rd NW1 7AY from 10am to 11pm. Entry is £17 for the whole day and night and £10 for the night only. (£2 reduction for concessions)

Contact Elsa 020 8769 3619 or 07890 588646

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