Dating app

Dating app

Dating app completely different from all the others that tackles real issues that the average Joe/Jane have!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a long shot but everybody has dreams so may as well start somewhere... (skip down a bit if you just want to see the idea but its best reading the entire thing to understand why and how i came up with this idea)

I would like to devolope a dating app.

Something completely different from tinder and all the others out there. Something that takes away this streotypical hard work of having to get a mutual match and struggling to think what to say to grab his/her attention because lets be serious people are fussy.

Eventually when you get a match you mail them with a Hi, if you're lucky you will get a reply then its like this hard challenge of having to get their number, entertain them, do everything to make them laugh and eventually if you've done a good job you get their number and get a date.

Sometimes its impossible to talk about things what to say because its this pressure to entertain and get a reply as Hi doesn't cut it these days especially when they have nothing interesting on their bio or pictures that stands out (not that I'm judging) but a conversation starter is always good but most just create their profile in a rush without thinking about the hard facts of dating. So most people like myself adapt come up with these amazing puns that you feel proud of just to get their attention but you feel like a clown in a circus, especially when it gets overlooked and it gets you no where...

In my case dating is very rare actually most of my friends are the same and this isn't focused on men... I'm talking about the average joe/jane who has nothing special about them that nobody notices and over looks.

People just want a fairy tale and this amazing person to swoop them off their feet, away from their problems and spend counteless hours swiping and hoping for the best but in reality you're still this hard working individual with a tough job and going on your phone starring at your phone, wallowing gets you no where especially when you're lonely!  you just want a partner in crime, someone like minded all imagined in your head and hoping the app or website you're using will get you somewhere but no that wont happen!

Back when our parents and grandparents were young they didn't have all this... They just went out with their friends made human interaction and swapped numbers! People socilaised more! used landlines called their numbers, Talked for hours and hours and take it from their!

It was all dead honesty upfront pure interaction! because as humans talking comes natural to us before smartphones arrived and took away all this. Nowadays kids find it easier typing rather than talking and they have no idea how damaging this is!

So here's my idea lets take all the new away and bring back the good old days where you spoke to people! interatcted! naturally where if you talk to the right person everything just flows like its suppose to, all on its on and all you just did is talk! its that simple!

same old swipe right and left but once a mutual match is found, you cannot mail them! (we all know why if you've read so far) ;)

Once finding that mutual match you pick a suitable time to call them at. Yes you talk, You call them and no not your number they wont get that. It's a build in app feature so no numbers needed! Now that is awesome! no worrying if you give your number to the wrong person because you like to keep your number to a select group of poeple.

When you first join the app you cannot just start swipping you have to make a bio with the given questions that need to be answered so that there is a conversation starter to help those who struggle to just talk so theres topics for them to pick on as well, as you have to pick times that is suitable to call you (previous paragraph that's how calling works) so pick suitable times when you're free so the automatic call is schedule for that time so you both are aware as well as you get a reminder so you don't forget! (yes annoying may not keep that option)

As well as there is genuine tips and hints nothing like oh say ''Hi'' ''How are you'' no these will genuine things to help people who struggle to talk and pick up these things. The call lasts for 5 minutes only! you both get put on hold screen lights up and presents an option continue talking or move on. Continue talking call them anytime you like after that and they will always be your match but if you choose move on then call ends and you never see them again! How simple is that? no fuss at all. No starring and wondering will I ever get a reply? :'( 
This way the matches you have are genuine interested people! They like you becuse they enjoyed your conversation :) 

There's also a reward and punishment system.

Have to make things fun for poeple so reward upgrade to better features, Punishment downgrade limited usage and swipes!

Why did I do this? Everybody hates being ignored! sounds needy lol but I would like my app to be strictly for dating, where people can connect and get a chance at what they didn't have on all these other apps! 

Everybody has a chance that's the good part there is no 10% fail at finding people there is 100% sucess because its so simple and easy!

Ofcourse this is not all the features just a few of many great things if I ever get lucky but I can dream... This wont just help the average joe this can help many other people who are lonely, new in town as well as bring back human interaction!

Before I came to go funding me I went straight to app developers and apparently its 10-20k to make the app o_O 

Please let me know what you think any tips will be helpful. I'm thinking of calling the app Centurian because its something new from the old. Here's hoping lol feel free to ask questions and correct me on the price that the app developers have given me.