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by Date Sultan in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th September 2021 we successfully raised £19,999 with 115 supporters in 60 days

Raising funds to grow Date Sultan. In the space of two months, we have gone viral, amassed over 1200 customers and have grown out my garage!

by Date Sultan in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • We will invest in digital marketing and push Date Sultan on various social media platforms
  • Be in a position to buy more dates and packaging in bulk (reducing our costs)
  • Hire local unemployed job seekers as full/part time employees
  • Commit to attending our first ever food festival



Hello and welcome to the Date Sultan's crowdfunding page.

If you’re new to crowdfunding, this is a Rewards-Based Campaign. This means that in exchange for your support, you get some very yummy and exciting rewards - and also become a welcomed piece of our history.

Please don't just make any donations, get a reward instead! We want you to enjoy our very carefully crafted product. Plus, as Beautiful dates are at the core of our brand, for every pledge we promise to plant a date palm seed!


The world is becoming conscious about heath, ethics and really wants to support good brands. For too long, the date industry has been marred by exploitation, modern slavery and a lack of visibility. However, the Date Sultan is here to change that.

Dates run in our family. Our brand celebrates our 1400 years of heritage, cultivating the fine dates, where our forefathers grew and purveyed the best of dates. They taught the Arab world the importance of the date by nutritional, spiritual and religious value - and also promoted it as an item used to celebrate. Today, dates are exchanged as gifts all year around and are enjoyed across the world.

Date Sultan was set up to become the UK's go to place for fine, decadent and premier ethical dates - whilst intertwining various flavours into the dates via nuts and sauces, truly innovating with the date. 1625584335_copy_of_untitled_(23).png
We take our innovation seriously. Medjool with Lotus Biscoff.

Ethics are close to the heart and ingrained in our culture. All the dates and fillings we use are carefully sourced from farms and factories that have no exploitation. We also check for a fair living wage and conduct our very own random spot checks. 


In some Middle Eastern Countries, it is difficult for women to find work. Therefore we made a commitment to work with farms where women are given employment opportunities. We are proud to state that we have a supply chain which employs women, including a date packing house where over 90% of staff is female.

We also love planet Earth. And to play our part to reduce our carbon footprint, we currently plant one date palm seed for every box we sell! This way, we aim to offset our carbon footprint.


In the spring of 2021, in the midst of Covid, Date Sultan was born. And its fair to say we hit the ground running. Over 500,000 views on our posts collectively, 1200 orders across 36 countries and ploughing through 2 tonnes of dates, its fair to say there is a space in the market for Date Sultan.

Now its time to ensure Date Sultan is here to stay. With your support, a successful campaign will help us secure our own warehouse facility, purchase more inventory (dates and packaging) whilst investing heavily on our marketing and online presence.

We are really hoping to have a blast of 2021.



We Take Our Dates Seriously, But What About The Planet?

One thing we are serious about is building a brand for the future. To make sure we're doing our part, we've have partnered with a rapidly growing Jordanian date supplier, 'Palmajo Dates' who will plant one seed (only the successful offshoots to ensure palm tree growth) for every donation on your behalf. This will help us become carbon negative whilst increasing date palms so that with time, our supply chain will have more stock to look forward too.


We have chosen Palmajo Dates as we really believe their dates are second to none, they don't compromises on ethics, and also love the fact they offer opportunities to women who otherwise don't have any work. 

1625512332_plant_a_date_seed_(2).jpg(Raed Al Basha, CEO of Palmajo Dates with Usman, Founder of The Date Sultan, reviewing date qualities) in The Date Valley, Jordan.


A Massive Thanks for Your Support 

The Date Sultan team are hugely grateful for all the support we've received from you so far and look forward to growing the business, together.

Shukran (Thank You)

The Date Sultan
Usman Shah
[email protected]

A special thank you to my family for being by myside, and especially my parents who gave me all the storage space I asked for at home and are now 1 shed and 1 bedroom less....). Thank you to those who believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. This is for you all.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

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Gold Package - 'Date' Evening With Date Sultan

Pledge £500 and get everyone together for a special night with the Date Sultan and all your fellow Gold Package supporters. Embarking on a journey to explore, appreciate and feast on a variety of Dates as well as a culinary three course meal accompanied with the traditional shisha pipe. Experience real middle eastern culture. Includes making your own box with Date Sultan!

£30 or more

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The Date Sultan Medjool Gift Box

Pledge £30 to get a luxury gift box of Jumbo Premium Medjool Dates. Your name will also be inscribed into our wall of fame Mural! (For every pledge, big or small, we plant a date seed in the Jordan Date Valley - helping the growth of more dates whilst becoming carbon negative). FREE DELIVERY

£50 or more

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The Royal Variety Box - Made by The Date Sultan

Pledge £50 to get a box of handpicked premium dates filled with a variety of sauces and nuts. Your name will also be inscribed into our wall of fame Mural! (For every pledge, big or small, we plant a date seed in the Jordan Date Valley - helping the growth of more dates whilst becoming carbon negative). FREE DELIVERY

£100 or more

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A Platter Of Mixed Dates - Made by The Date Sultan

Receive a jumbo platter of mixed premium plain and filled dates with a special personal note by the Date Sultan. Your name will also be inscribed into our wall of fame Mural! (For every pledge, big or small, we plant a date seed in the Jordan Date Valley - helping the growth of more dates whilst becoming carbon negative). FREE DELIVERY

£250 or more

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Have A Box of Dates Posted To You For 6 Months!

Pledge £250 and have a box of customised filled and premium dates posted to you for the 1st of every month for 6 months!. You can pick which flavour of filling you prefer. You can even surprise your loved ones as we can post dates to them too! Also receive a good bag of Date Sultan Merchandise!

£2,500 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Platinum Pack- Travel to the Date Valley in Jordan

Pledge £2500 and travel to the Jordan River's illustrious Valley Of Dates with the Date Sultan himself. Learn, cultivate and enjoy Medjool dates directly from the Kingdom of Dates. Plant your own date palms and get to meet the supply chain working on the ground. This package includes flights, hotel, food and sight seeing. The sight seeing tour will include Petra, Quranic and Biblical sights of importance. Gold package is included.

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