Darren's New Wheels

by Emma S in Bordon, England, United Kingdom

Darren's New Wheels
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help fund a powered wheelchair for Darren.

by Emma S in Bordon, England, United Kingdom

Last July my father in law, Darren Street, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Whilst the diagnosis at the time was devastating, the changes that have occurred in the past year are beyond what any of us could have expected. Many of the modifications that have been made to the house and car over that past year have luckily been covered by grants and benefits for example the hoists in the bedroom and front room, the riser/recliner chair and the hospital bed. However, unfortunately not all of the costs can be covered, we have been through 2 mobility cars as the first became unsuitable almost straight away and now we have a great car that we can get the wheelchair into the back of so Darren no longer has to get out of his wheelchair, meaning that we still have the ability to get out of the house. Unfortunately, not long after getting the new car we encountered our next hurdle, the wheelchair. Whilst this had been great for short trips and low frequency use it is now not suitable for level of use that it is needed for. We were referred to our local community equipment company who were supposed to be the solution to all our wheelchair woes. However, turns out that they were totally and utterly useless, after waiting 6 months to have someone come to the house and say yes we could get an electric powered wheel chair we were then told it would be another 5 months before we could get an appointment for a proficiency test (this is only to see if Darren can use one of these wheel chairs) With such ridiculous wait times we have had to take matters into our own hands. Our time with Darren is limited and precious and we don’t have the time to wait for them to eventually (potentially another 6-12 months) be able to provide us with a suitable wheelchair.

It is for this reason that we have decided to set up a crowdfunding page to help us to reach our goal of £5000 to be able to purchase the chair ourselves. Money is really tight with Gina (my mother in law) having had to give up work to be Darren’s full-time carer, to put things into perspective, it would take over 78 weeks of saving every penny of her carers allowance to cover the cost of the new wheelchair.

All contributions, no matter the size, are so greatly appreciated.

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