Creating an accessible darkroom facility for photographers to print their work. Providing workshops and training for those eager to learn.

We did it!

On 23rd Oct 2017 we successfully raised £7,915 of £7,000 target with 157 supporters in 49 days

New stretch target

We are very grateful to all our wonderful supporters who have demonstrated their belief in us with donations both large and small. Thanks to them we have reached our initial target of £7000.

Before the deadline tonight we now want to stretch this total beyond the £8000 mark. As you may be aware we lost a load of valuable equipment destined for Darkroom in a warehouse fire last month. Any extra money we manage to raise is going towards replacing this.

Look down the back of the sofa, there's bound to be a few quid that you could send our way!

Thank you so much

The Darkroom Team

Woop! Woop!! 

We've reached our target and now we're  


We are looking for extra pledges and donations to help us replace equipment intended for our darkroom that was lost in a warehouse fire last month. The clock's ticking... You have until 19.00 on 23.10.2017.

Analogue photography is not dead!  

It is experiencing an exciting renaissance which we want to support.


What It Is

darkroom is a group of photographers, passionate about traditional processes, who want to create a vibrant hub in north London where like-minded analogue enthusiasts can access darkroom facilities to print their own work.


Look around and you’ll see more and more people with film cameras, but the number of labs able to process film is dwindling fast and the opportunities for people to experience the buzz of printing their own images is almost non-existent. Because we know there is a demand for this kind of facility, our team have already invested in acquiring most of the equipment we need and found the premises in Camden Town to put it in. Now we’re launching this campaign so we can complete the fit-out and fund some extra equipment we still need.


At the end of the day, setting up a darkroom is an expensive business and requires dedicated space, two things that many people just don’t have. This communal workspace will be comprehensively equipped so that photographers can simply walk in and start working.

The darkroom facility will also offer a range of courses and workshops. For those just starting out on their analogue adventure we will be teaching the skills required to get their images from camera to paper. While for those with greater experience we will provide the opportunity to explore more advanced specialist techniques. We plan to have something for everybody. 

This space will offer a range of enlargers that members can hire by the session along with all the additional equipment needed to complete the job.

What You Can Do

We are now appealing for your help to create this community for analogue photographers. Take a look at some of the fantastic rewards we are offering in exchange for your financial pledge. There are loads more in the buttons to the right, including memberships, workshops and discounts at darkroom, check those out too. 


We also have all these amazing one-off rewards on offer in exchange for your financial pledge. These are only available via the darkroom website.


Do you fancy any of these? Then get your skates on, because there is only one of each! Remember these one-offs are only available via the darkroom website.

Should you want any further information about any of the rewards or further details about darkroom, please don't hesitate to contact us: info@darkroomlondon.org

If you are unable to make a financial pledge you can still help by sharing information about our campaign with your family, friends and colleagues.


Who We Are

darkroom is a collective of analogue enthusiasts led by Verdi Yahooda and Philip Grey .

Verdi is an artist and photographer. Her area of expertise lies with analogue photography and darkroom processes. She has exhibited at The Photographers Gallery, London; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Ffotogallery, Cardiff; The Ein Harod Museum, Israel; Yale Center for British Art, USA. She has taught and delivered workshops in Jerusalem, Istanbul and Malaysia. She has produced five artists’ books and been published in journals including Creative Camera, Source magazine, European Photography, Aperture. 

Phil has worked as a photographer for over forty years, specialising in performance, still life and portraits. He has also lectured at London Guildhall; London Metropolitan and is currently Head of Photography at Regent’s University, London. Exhibits have included: National Portrait Gallery; Royal Society, Bath; OnoArte Contemporanea, Bologna. He has published in the New Musical Express; The Face; The Guardian; Time Out. 

Come and join us

"It's an exciting time to be setting up a darkroom and offering this opportunity"                      Brett Rogers                                                                                                                                                        Director, Photographers' Gallery

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