Daniels cat dream

Daniels cat dream

Hello I am Daniel, my aim is to help as many cats as possible, I get them neutered, vaccinated and chipped, I then foster them

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I am Daniel, at aged 5 I was diagnosed as Autistic, I struggled until aged 7 my family adopted a cat, she changed my life. Thanks to fluffy I was able to express myself better, felt calmer and she seemed to understand me more than anyone. After she passed away 2 years ago I decided to help local charities as much as I can, it's hard work but I help with the costs of Neutering, vaccinating and micro chipping. I then foster the cats while I find them suitable homes, my aim is to set up a network where I can help Autistic children and adults like myself, a lot of my cats go to these families where they change it for the better. 

I also take part in trap, neuter and release where stray cats are caught safely, neutered then released to help stabilise stray numbers, those that are tame enough are fostered and cared for by myself until I find suitable families 

Currently I work part time at a cafe and volunteer with a charity that provides children's clubs to children with autism and aspergers. my aim is to raise £4000 to build a big cattery at the bottom of our garden, I'm hoping to achieve my dream in helping as many cats as I can. 

I will do whatever I can to help those who donate 

thank you

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