Daniel Sinclair - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The debut show of a theatre company dedicated to finding the humour in the more horrible aspects of life.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £435 with 16 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Pandorum Theatre Company is an Edinburgh-based new writing company with a fascination for the comedy found in the more horrible aspects of life. In their debut show, they will present a snippet of the lives of two individuals who have fallen into the cracks of the society we live in.


Daniel is a quiet boy with a condition which makes him do things he cannot remember. Finding himself in a desolate situation beyond his grasp, he turns to his one and only friend, Esteneth. As the source of his condition reveals itself, they struggle for stability whilst dealing with the many faces of Daniel.


Pandorum Theatre was founded through the belief that black comedy is an important tool in tackling taboo subjects we feel passionately about in our society. So often, subjects like mental health are discussed tentatively or are not discussed at all. By tackling the taboo in this way, we hope to open up the possibility of discussion within a more normalised context.


Why we need your help


We need your help to complete our Fringe show! Our complete budget is as follows:


£393.60 - registration fee for the official Edinburgh Fringe Festival

£80 - registration fee for the Laughing Horse Free Festival (includes venue costs)

£150 - advertising costs to attract audiences including design and printing for flyers and posters

£150 - props, costume and set costs including transport of set


As calculated above, our minimum budget for the show is £773.60. Queen Margaret University, where we have been studying the past few years, has been kind enough to partially fund our project by giving us £300 towards these costs, leaving us a total of £473.60 to raise.


Any money surplus of this will be put to good use: We are holding rehearsals in St Margaret's House which is run by donation, so any surplus will go towards a donation as payment for our time working there, as well as towards future work by the company and company development.

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