Dance Together

A unique creative collaboration between the contemporary dance company, BalletBoyz and their local school for children with special needs.

We did it!

On 12th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £10,452 of £10,000 target with 158 supporters in 21 days

Dance Together is a partnership between BalletBoyz and Strathmore School, our local secondary school for students with complex learning difficulties.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us reach our £10k target - we're so grateful! 

As you know, we want to make Dance Together a permanent partnership, so anything you're able to keep giving will go towards funding the project long term.

With our thanks - the BalletBoyz team


About Dance Together:

For two years our company dancers have been visiting Strathmore school to dance with the students. It was clear from our first collaboration in 2016 that everyone had a lot of fun, but from observing how the students were developing and from talking to staff it also seemed that dancing with our company was having an important impact on their personal development.        

Impact of Dance Together:

When we returned to the school in 2017 we paired each student with one of our dancers for the duration of the project. We wanted each student to receive one to one attention, enabling them to participate in the way that suited them best. We also commissioned community dance researchers from the University of Roehampton to produce an evaluation of the project. Their report highlighted multiple positive outcomes of the partnership, but most importantly that it had increased the students' 

  • independence 
  • confidence 
  • and well-being    

One of the key achievements of the project was the students' increased confidence in communciating and forming relationships with new people.

Our plans for 2018:

Given the difference we can make, we’re determined to continue and expand our partnership. Our ultimate goal is to make it a permanent one. Imagine the impact we could have if dance and dancing with our company was an integral part of a Strathmore student’s educational experience for all of their years at the school, and if dancing with Strathmore students was an integral part of being a BalletBoy?

We’d be really grateful if you could help us by contributing to this crowd funding campaign so that we can run an extended version of Dance Together in 2018.

If we’re successful we’ll offer activity throughout the year, including:

  • the students visiting our studios to take part in workshops or watch the company rehearse
  • our company taking part in the school's weekly disco (something which was set up as a result of working with us)
  • a collaborative workshop programme over a half term period to deliver a specific creative project.


We’re working on securing long term funding for the partnership, but this takes time. So in the meantime please help us to keep this great partnership going in 2018.


We need to raise just under £40k to run the project in 2018. This will cover: the costs of the dancers and the musician; Makaton training for and mentoring of our team by an inclusive dance expert; making a short documentary film to capture the project; costumes and props; and management of the project.

Thanks to the generosity of The Hobson Charity and the Clore Duffield Foundation we’ve already raised £20k towards our goal and are looking to raise a further £10k from local charities leaving us with just £10k to raise through this campaign.


Read what some of the students, parents, teachers and our dancers have to say about Dance Together:

‘I’d do it again because I loved it. Harry is my partner’ - Strathmore student

‘He has interest in something that didn’t interest him before – dance! As my son is generally limited in his interests, any broadening of what he likes is fantastic.’ - Parent of Strathmore student

‘developing the independence and the ability to work with new people without really familiar faces around and listening to instructions from people they’ve not really worked with before - I think that is really valuable for them.’- Helen, Strathmore Teaching Assistant

‘All the BalletBoyz seem to have a talent for finding just the right way of communicating with our students. May that be with words, or without words just through movement.. all the students were met exactly where they were and then challenged, gently to come out of themselves and to be part of this project, and they all have been part’- Ivonne, Strathmore Assistant Headteacher

‘It's a fun experience, we're not trying to teach them to be the next big dancer, it's more about making connections' -Harry, BalletBoyz dancer

‘I really enjoy this kind of work because it reminds me of how much fun it is to dance and to move and how it can bring so many different people together regardless of your background and your abilities. It’s just fun and excitement and a burn of energy’ - Matthew, BalletBoyz dancer

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