Dance Intensive (Los Angeles)

Dance Intensive (Los Angeles)

My aim is to raise enough money to enable me to travel to Los Angeles to attend a dance intensive to help me grow and reach new limits.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello my name is Brett Ray Sewell I am 18 enthusiastic hard working and a determined teen,  I live in London United Kingdom, I am a aspiring Dancer and performing arts student, I am raising money for a dance Intensive In Los Angeles California, I found out I was able to attend this course back in October 2016 and I have been planning my trip ever since. 

I have been dancing for 10 years now, I just recently graduated from The BRIT School Of Performing Arts And Technology, I still have examinations coming up but I have finished my academic and physical course (Level 3 Extended Diploma) and I am predicted the grade Distinction*** (A*X3). The DANCE Intensive I want to attend Is run by the one and only "Anthony Burrell" (Look him up he's Incredible) I have watched him and looked up to him for 7 years, and now is finally my chance to go train with him internationally. He has danced globally within some of the biggest dance companies for example "Alvin Ailey American Dance Company" and tourd with some of the biggest artists for example "Beyoncé" "Mariah Carey" and more he has also been in a huge amount of music videos and concept videos, I want to travel to Los Angeles and soak up all his knowledge and learn from the best.

I planned to work as much as I could to save money for the trip so that I could afford *The Dance Intensive, Return Flights, Accommodation, Transport but unfortunately on November 3rd 2016 I tore my meniscus cartilage dancing, I was rushed to hospital and that next day I underwent surgery. I was in a metal cast  for 4 months and a bit on crutches and my passion and my every day activity was stolen from me, doctors said I may never dance again and I was told I should find another "hobby" firstly I told my doctor that dance is not my "hobby" I told her "I will not give up as it is my way of life, my fire inside me"  I said I will be "fine and I know it".  I woke up wanting to dance and I went to sleep dancing in my head, I never gave up and I had faith that I  would  be ok I worked hard in other areas, my dance history, researching different styles and focusing on my mentality, it was extremely hard for me but i pushed through and stayed positive.

(My Leg After Surgery) 

It was only march that I started to get back on my feet, it has been really difficult but doctors, physiotherapists and my knee specialist are happy with my recovery, I spent March and April training as hard as I physically could and I can finally say that I'm back dancing doing what I love. This process has been Incredibly challenging and difficult but I put all my energy into my recovery and gaining my full strength back and I have had a really incredible recovery and all my hard work paid of.

The down side to this was that I couldn't work I could not spend my time earning money for this pricey trip so it put me in a difficult situation, financially I have always been brought up to work hard for what you want and I will continue to do that no matter what but as time is going so quickly I need some sort of aid. I start a new job week starting 22/5/2017 as a "customer patrol assistant" and my 2nd job week starting 5/6/2017 as a "dance instructor" they will both really help but with college and my final exams coming up I can only work so much. 

I have never looked to these sites for money because I have always believed In working hard for yourself but this is something I really want to do and it would be 100% worthwhile. I have heard there are many companies and organisations out there that donate money to young artists, students, dancers, performers ext. I know I am asking  for a lot but honestly I would be eternally greatful and I would feel so honoured with any contribution and it would help.

Flight quote - £1034.80 

Accomidation - £420 ( Converts To $541.223)

Dance Intensive - £665 

Travel Money - £ 200 (Converts To $257.70)

If you read the whole description I want to thank you for your time and energy.

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thank you! :)