Daley Family Fire

Daley Family Fire

When a fire rips a fully insured family home apart, the financial implications are still frightening. Please read this story & stay safe!

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £60 with 4 supporters in 56 days

On Friday 16th September 2016, my best friend turned her dishwasher on. Hardly a news worthy action by anybody's standards. Except on this occasion, that fairly new dishwasher burst into flames shortly afterwards and...well...they  lost everthing, except (thankfully) their lives! Like many of us, the family had full home and contents insurance. What many of us have since learned, is that in the days and weeks to follow such a distaster much of what you are forced to pay comes from your own pocket until an interim payment is given. My friend and her husband have already paid out hundreds on emergency accomadation as well as restocking the basics - toothbrushes, hair boobles, knickers etc.  A scary thought for most people reading this. 

Now this wonderful family have managed to secure rented accomadation for the next 6 months but everything they need to furnish it will come out of their own pockets. Although many items including toys have been  donated by the many fantastic, caring people in our community. The insurance company will concentrate on rebuilding the fire damaged house. The Daley family now need to concentrate on making a rented house a home and keeping a sense of normaility for their two beautiful girls...my goddaughters.   

My hope is to raise money to cover costs for the items which will see them and their children feel happy and secure in the months to follow.  Kitchen appliances, lampshades, curtains, mattresses, photograph frames, christmas decorations and of course...the reprinting of hundreds of baby and wedding photos to replace albums destroyed by the fire.  The girls are only 8 and 6, my hope is for the next year to be an adventure,  not a year of confusion, tears and financial worry. They are a hardworking, loving family. They really didn't derseve this and it breaks my heart to see them shopping for second hand furniture after 13 years of lovingly furnishing, decorating and renovating their own home.

If you can help, in any way please donate. If you can't, then please help yourselves: check your smoke alarms work and your home/contents insurance is up to date. In the event of such a disater, would it cover everything?  If this can happen to my friend, this can happen to anyone. Please stay safe.

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