Dads Of Gaming

by Thomas in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Dads Of Gaming
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The aim of this project that i am trying to take on is to make us dad gamers stand out from the crowd, gaming does not mean dead beat dad.

by Thomas in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Hi, i'm Tom.

i want to start by making apparel for dads, by dads. the idea behind this is to make dad gamers stand out and hopefully get the message across that just because we game it does not mean we are dead beats.

to start i want to kick off with apparel, and slowly branch out in to other accessories. but this won't be all, with your help we have a vision that goes beyond the horizon of your regular clothing.

everything we make and sell will top quality and tested to make sure that it is just that. if you're sweating we want to know it's because you wearing high quality gear and because you're salty at the enemy.

Thank you for making it this far. just by reading this you are helping me realise that i'm not alone in this vision.

as us and the funding grows you will be able to see everything that's going on by keeping up with our social media.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

Test of new apparel before it is released.

this rewardmeans get brand new clothing ideas sent to you for you to sport before it comes out. please note that if this is reached before we set up ,we will catch up to you as soon as things are ready.

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