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DADn.ME Children's Books : Stories by Kids

DADn.ME Children's Books : Stories by Kids

DADn.ME Children's Books - written by children for children

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DADn.ME Children's Books: Stories by Kids:

The inspiration to start a children's book series 'Stories by Kids' came to me when I was trying to teach my daughter to draw. I discovered that although my sketches were richer in detail and probably more accurately depicted ratio and proportions, my daughter's sketches were richer in emotions. Her simple sketches captured laughter and fun in a way my more elaborate drawings simply couldn't. This series is an attempt to unleash that creativity and give meaning and direction to kid's imagination.

Books in the pipeline:

Currently we have 3 books in the pipeline: 'Lily's Old Dress' and 'Rainbow Girl' as part of 'Stories by Kids' and 'NEW DAD ESSENTIALS' based on the experiences of a new dad supported by our DADn.ME comic strips. More titles will be sure to follow! By clicking on the 'Lily's Old Dress' you can see a teaser of the book. The books shall be initially available as eBooks, Kindle books and in physical format.


About DADn.ME:

DADn.ME started as an online comic strip in May 2015. The brand is structured around the evolving relationship between Dad’s and young children. DADn.ME is about changing perceptions – getting dads more involved with their children’s lives and bringing to light the magic that is parenting.


Click the photo to watch our YouTube video about the brand.

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