Daddy & His Lil Curls

We hope to encourage involvement, celebrate and showcase the heartwarming, fun-loving and magical father and daughter relationship.

We did it!

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Daddy & His Lil Curls 


Who is the first and most important man in a girl’s life? Her friend, her protector, her hero? The man that can and will do anything and everything for his little girl?

The answer is in the relationship that welds in time between a father and daughter. An essential bond for her development in learning valuable lessons about self-worth, self-respect, self-acceptance and most of all, self-love. For our little Princesses to become beautiful Queens in reality, they will need to be surrounded with validation, love, and inner strength, which is deeply rooted within the family union. Parents have the beautiful responsibilty of nourishing their daughter as she grows into a person that knows and actions the words “dignity” and “honor”.  They are the solid foundation of 'standards'- how to treat others as well as how to be treated. All of which are witnessed and experienced from her mother and her father as John Mayer sang "Fathers, be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers who turn into mothers. So mothers be good to your daughters too”.

Now although the family union is a child’s first experience to forming relationships and growth, as the African (Nigerian) proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. It takes a village to lead by examples, to teach the art of conversations and to love and show a child how to love. A child also has the BEST ability to flourish when the entire community leads by positive upbuilding examples in contributing to the growing world of a child. This African adage emphasizes the values of family relationships, self-sacrificing concern for others, sharing, and even hospitality.

We all have varying ways in influencing children and I feel that I've been privileged with the purpose to influence and impact each child’s life through up-building and positive imagery of themselves and love. It is therefore my determination to create a show that aspires to give all viewers a powerful memorable message. HOW?

3 daughters, 3 Fathers, 1 style, many tips and a wardrobe of Glitz and Glam. Fathers will be getting their hands in tasks that are usually viewed as traditionally ´female´ roles, the tasks involve the styling and hair care for their daughters. The show will be based around families of diverse backgrounds who have the love of hair and beauty in common from beautiful bountiful Afro's to European and Asian silk manes, as well as the vital universal common ground- Love. The goal is to show girls that it is in their power to be, feel and look amazing with the help of one of their vital role models-their father. The man that helps them believe in their inward and outward beauty.

Daddy & His Lil Curls also hopes to work as an interchange of lessons and examples from one father or father figure to another as he interacts and pays undivided attention to his daughter. The show will highlight the importance and presence of a father in his daughter's life. It will capture moments where fathers will be attentive and reactive to their little 'curls' feeling even her silences. Daddy & His Lil Curls will be solid evidence of how fathers can lift their daughters morale in understanding her value and worth of only the best. According to psychologist Kevin Leman, a father is a key factor in the healthy development of his daughter, because “…a father’s relationship with his daughter is one of the key determinants in a woman’s ability to enjoy a successful life.” This is why Daddy & His Lil Curls is on a journey to help raising young girls of today into powerful women for tomorrow.

Great memories are those that are made with a family. Will you please help to support and create these great memories with me.  

Where will your support be used?

To ensure the show is engaging, impactful and aesthetically beautiful. Your support will:

  • Purchase and hire set designs
  • Hire film equipments
  • Production

It will only be right to make the days of filming as fun filled and memorable for families and the fantastic team. Your support will also provide the following:

    -Gift Hampers for the fathers and daughters

Any extra proceeds will go towards future DLC films, launch events and charity campaigns.

Please share and promote this campaign with all your friends and family so we can all fly over our target and create all things Love and Hair.
Thank you
With lots of Love From My Curls to Yours

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