Dacorum and Three Rivers General Election 2017

Dacorum and Three Rivers General Election 2017

Help Dacorum and Three Rivers Green Parties to stand candidates in the 2017 General Election, and provide a campaign fund to support them.

We did it!

On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,260 with 38 supporters in 35 days

Stand up for what matters

Your local Green Party is challenging David Gauke and Mike Penning in the Snap General Election.

Ensure that your voice for Green Values is heard on June 8th

Dacorum and Three Rivers Green Parties are working hard to ensure that we put up a strong Green challenge to Mike Penning and David Gauke in both Hemel Hempstead and South West Herts constituencies in Theresa May’s cynical snap election. Our prospective parliamentary candidates are Sherief Hassan for Hemel Hempstead and Paul de Hoest for South West Herts (centrally pictured in the photo above).

This election is the most critical for a generation because Theresa May wants carte blanche to drive through a hard Brexit with a massive deregulation, privatisation of public services, low wage and low tax agenda which will further destroy our natural habitat, enrich the already wealthy, impoverish the less well off, and make life even harder for the vulnerable and the young. 

Every vote for the Green Party is a vote for the environment, fairness and democracy.

The other political parties are funded by well resourced backers and can afford to spend millions on their campaigns but the Green Party is funded by individual ordinary members and supporters.  That way we retain our independence to argue for what is right for the country and represent people like YOU.

  • £10 will buy 20 A4 window posters
  • £20 will buy 25 A3 window posters
  • £30 will buy 1000 leaflets
  • £50 will buy a huge 1m square display placard
  • £100 will buy 10,000 leaflets
  • £500 will be sufficient to mailshot one whole constituency
  • £1000 will pay for the deposits in both constituencies

These all help increase our visibility and get our message out to the voters when campaigning in the town centres or on the doorsteps.

Please help us fight this election and make a huge impact.

Donate here today

Thank you for your time and your support.

Together we can say stand up for what matters

If you want to support the campaign in any other way then we would love to hear from you; please text Dave Chapman on 0781 363 4297 or email info@dacorum.greenparty.org.uk

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for, or on behalf of, any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Published and Promoted by Paul Harris of 15 Fallowfield Walk, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3NZ and Emma Brading of 91 Berry Lane, Rickmansworth. WD3 4BU on behalf of Dacorum Green Party and Three Rivers Green Party.

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