Raped from my dad 5/11 years old finally at court

by Leanne frost in Burton On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Raped from my dad 5/11 years old finally at court
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Finally my dad is locked up for raping me my half sis and her aunty but now I have to get surgery to get weight off has I have bad back.

by Leanne frost in Burton On Trent, England, United Kingdom

I was born in 1981, from the age of 5-11 years old my dad started to molest me I felt like I did something wrong many people didn’t know about what happened but I did tell social services and a couple of other people but social services still took me to my dad to place me there has an emergency once she left I ran away I couldn’t be around him. I am now 37 and I have been engaged for 10 years been with him 17 years altogether. Now because of all of this stress I have put so much weight on I really need surgery because of the weight I don’t have friends and I don’t go out of my flat but I know things would be so much better if I can get the bastric band. 27th November my dad will be pleading in my case but he has never done the right thing now so why would he start to be honest. I feel worthless 

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