D.E.P.H.E.R Community Interest Services

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th August 2018 we successfully raised £477 with 19 supporters in 56 days

The funds are to be used to repair and / or replace Heating and plumbing appliances that the elderly and disabled use in their homes.

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response


Free Plumbing and Heating Repairs 




Not For Profit

Common Interest Community Initiative

Do something wonderful this summer

Help to save a life in winter


Imagine one day, you wake up in the morning and it is sunny and warm.
The birds are chirping outside and the sound of the wind is fluttering in the trees.
You go to the kitchen and you put on the kettle and make yourself a nice hot brew, sit down and wake up slowly with that lovely warm sweet taste of a British brew.
You can hear the day starting outside with children and adults going about with their every day things that they have to do, so you go and sit on the most comfortable chair and turn on the Radio, hoping to catch up on any news that may have happened while you was asleep in you comfortable bed.
You turn to the local news channel and the same old voices can be heard, the voices you hear everyday, your attention is then drawn to a new voice that you have not heard before so it grabs your attention.
The voice says in a stern and authority voice

we regret to inform you that we as a country have no option but to go to war with another country"

You sit up and start to concentrate on every single word that is spoken from the voice on the radio, panic sets in and you start to think, " what does this mean " "who will fight " "why has this happened ".
Your husband or son and your father or uncle rush home to the news so they can comfort you and also advice you that they will fight for the country that they love so much.
Weeks pass by and many of the men and young boys sign up
to fight because they know and think it is their duty to do so, they are then shipped of to training camps to ready them for conflict in a far away country and away from the family that loves them so dearly.
With a smile and a song the men and boys march through towns and cities knowing that they go into battle to protect the ones they love and the country that they love so much, always in their minds " It is our duty ".
After years of war and months without words from the brave men and boys, the women, mums, wives and sisters continue to battle on keeping the country strong and the industries working so when their brave boys come home there will be something for them.
The morning comes again after so many mornings, the sun rises again and the birds sing the same songs that they have always sung for months and years.
The women and girls wake from their sleep hoping to hear news of their loved ones that are thousands of miles away fighting for the freedom of the Country and of the world itself.
They look from the tiny window in the cold kitchen and see a glimpse of the postman delivering a small amount of letters, hoping that one is news from the brave soldier that went away months before.
The postman comes up the garden gate, letter in hand. She rushes to the door and opens the latch fast so the postman cannot put it through the letterbox, grabbing it out of his hands fast she is exited for news and words from her brave Husband, son or brother.
On opening this letter she reads very quickly with her heart beating fast and her breathing heavy, she is sweating and shaking with anxiety.
Her world within a split second goes from light to dark and everything around her stops in silence.
She falls to the floor and screams with tears coming down her cheeks, her eyes as red as tomatoes and with no words said.

Her soldier boy will not be coming home
Her brother will not be coming home
Her son will not be coming home
Her father will not be coming home

The next morning when the sun rises she comes down stairs, with the birds chirping in the trees and the wind gently blowing in the trees, the lady, the mum, the sister and the wife continues to do her duty because her soldier boy did his duty and gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep his family and country safe.

This is One reason why i Deliver DEPHER UK
( Disabled & Elderly Plumbing & Heating Emergency Repairs ).

I get up in the morning and go downstairs to have a brew, listen to the birds chirping and feel the wind in my face while i hold my wife, my mother, my sister and my children or brother.
Go to work and Drive my car, pay the mortgage or rent on my home.
Holidays abroad and Christmas with family, all in the peace and security of our home and country.
Given to us by the elderly soldiers and the families that went through the wars and poverty, who fought for what we have today.

Thank you

James Anderson

  • When the boiler stops working it can be a worry trying to find and contacting a gas engineer to repair it, as quick as possible!
  • When there is a water leak it can be a matter of minutes or seconds before some real damage can be done.
  • The toilet stops filling or flushing
  • The shower stops working
  • The taps in the kitchen stop working
  • The taps in the bathroom stop working
  • The drains block and the waste pipes block up
  • Radiators start leaking or become loose
  • Pipework freezes in the cold
  • Condense pipework freezes outside
  • Filling loops start leaking
  • Cylinders start leaking
  • Thermostats stop working so the heating goes off

     The main worries when these happen are

  • How much will it cost for labour
  • How much will it cost for materials 

Depher will take away the worry of finding a Tradesman and the cost of repairing or replacing the faulty plumbing or gas appliance, water leaks and gas leaks.

Through this funding we cover all the costs so they will not have to worry any more than they have been.

  • The funding will be used for Materials 
  • The funding will be used for fuel.
  • The funding will be used for Insurance
  • The funding will be used for Tools
  • The funding will be used to advertise this initiative to the public.
  • There is no charge at all for labour,so the funds will be available for all the above.

Totally Labour Free

  • In the summer months the weather is not to cold and that means that the elderly and disabled will not be at risk as much as they are in winter.
  • This gives us some time to raise funds and awareness so when the winter does arrive, we have a one step start over the snow and ice.

Depher is a registered CIC ( common interest community ) Project that was started 15 months ago, in that time we have helped and assisted over 160 elderly and disabled families in Lancashire alone.Imagine what that number could be if it was in every city and every town in the United Kingdom.

The focus and dream is to have this available for as many if not all elderly and disabled people in the United Kingdom.

We do need help and we cannot do it alone, that is why we are asking you to do something wonderful today and help the people who we truly believe need support.

  • To help your Grandmother
  • To help your Grandad
  • To help your Aunty or Uncle
  • To help your disabled relative
  • To help your elderly or disabled neighbour

Can you offer more than just a donation - Would you like to be involved direct

  • You can fundraiser
  • You can donate materials
  • You can offer support to the elderly and disabled by giving them our information
  • You can post leaflets
  • You can repair appliances ( if you are a tradesman )
  • You can visit us at any time and come with us to residents homes to see what we do
  • Would you like to be an official sponsor

The list is endless on what you can do, wherever you are you can start a similar scheme under our name and using our suppliers to deliver a urgently needed emergency service to your family and community.




Our New Depher work shirts have arrived and they look fab thanks to our local suppliers at half price

Do you know that there are 16.5 Million Elderly and Disabled residents in the United Kingdom and this is growing daily

Just a few of the 160+ People that we have helped in the last Year

Just one of our posters that are in Lancashire

Gas Safe Register has donated some tools and smoke alarms to help us

Just a few comments from residents that have benefited from our Initiative

If you wish to find out more or wish to chat to us about anything at all then please get in touch it could be for anything at all.

  • A relative in need
  • A question on parts
  • A question about were we cover
  • What we want to acheive
  • Who we are
  • How we started
  • What inspired us
  • Any question at all that you have

You can call James on

01282 700102

Thank you for reading

When you go to a property and you see the worry and upset that the elderly and disabled have to bare makes you stand and thing about your humanity. 

The issues they have to face day by day and the battles they have gone through, and are yet to face puts them in a position of vulnerability. 

When we arrive at the property we become the friendly face and the person with answers to their problem, we don't judge and we don't ask questions.

Our aim is to repair and make safe with the intention of showing them that there is a helping hand when it is needed.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

Gas safety insection

Full gas safety inspection on your property

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