D.E.P.H.E.R CIC UK ( Life saving Repairs )

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom


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We want this to be available in your town and city so we can help your family, neighbours and friends who are elderly and disabled.

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra money will be used for the benefit of the community and the residents within it.

We will make lives more safer and happier with your support and help.

Our elderly and disabled are my family and i will never turn my back on them when they need me the most



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In 2017, having witnessed a plumber try to rip off a customer when called to the home of an elderly and disabled person, East Lancashire plumber and business owner James Anderson decided to do something about it.

He set up DEPHER (Disabled and elderly plumbing and heating emergency response as a registered Community Interest Company

(CIC registered number) 11335052 

to provide a FREE emergency response to help and assist elderly and disabled clients.


We take away the worry of finding a Tradesman and the Full cost of repairing or replacing the faulty plumbing or gas appliance, water leaks and gas leaks.

As a CIC we raise funds to cover some of the costs so the elderly and disabled will not have to worry. 

Our service operates during the coldest months (October to March) to provide you with peace of mind and ensure you can have that leak repaired or heating back on so you’ve no need to panic.



In the summer and during the warmer months (April to September) the elderly and disabled will not be at as much risk as they are in winter, but they still get a great discount of 75% from DEPHER when it’s warm.

There is a 25% capped charge which goes direct into DEPHER funds, that is then used to fund our free winter service.

We need to raise funds and awareness so when winter arrives we have a head start over the snow and ice!.






We Came runner up in the Community Awards



What is Included

Labour and Materials

What type of plumbing or heating emergency do we cover

• The toilet stops filling or flushing

• No heating

• No hot water

• Gas leaks

• Water leaks

• The shower stops working

• The taps in the kitchen stop working

• The taps in the bathroom stop working

• The drains block and the waste pipes block up

• Radiators start leaking or become loose

• Pipework freezes in the cold

• Condense pipework freezes outside

• Filling loops start leaking

• Cylinders start leaking

• Thermostats stop working so the heating goes off 


When you go to a property and you see the worry and upset that the elderly and disabled have to bare makes you stand and thing about your humanity, the issues they have to face day by day and the battles they have gone through and are yet to face puts them in a position of vulnerability. When we arrive at the property we become the friendly face and the person with answers to their problem, we dont judge and we dont ask questions.Our aim is to repair and make safe with the intention of showing them that there is a helping hand when it is needed.

The smile on the faces is worth all the gold on the earth, and knowing that they are safe and warm is a feeling that will never be beaten.

We have Repaired many boilers and heating appliances within the last 6 months and we have fitted a new boiler for a blind lady within the last 2 weeks.

We have been on BBC news north west and the radio and we are doing a documentary shortly that will be shown nation wide.

Please visit some of our videos and our face book page.

search for Depher and see the work we have done

Also on Twitter and Instagram. 

We are available 24 hours a day.


The reason for this was the suffering and hardship that the elderly and disabled were facing daily when they were faced with no heating or no hot water, especially in the winter time when cold can kill or cause real hardship for most.

The cost can vary with different companies and also depends on the area that they live in, this was a major issue that was looked at, most cannot afford high costs of repairs and more than often go without heating so they can eat,or without food so they can stay warm in the cold.

In the UK there are 12.7 million Registered elderly and disabled people, most of them struggle with the day to day conflicts that they face.

We have created a service that every community in the UK can benefit from, this will be a service that they can benefit from all year.

In the summer there is a cap of 25% labour that the customer pays, this then goes into the CIC account and is used to fund the free service they receive in the winter.

This alone saves them an average of £51 per hour on any emergency or none emergency call.

In the winter they do not pay anything for labour or for materials.

This is not a government or council initiative, we rely on funding from events and Northern Plumbing and Heating limited as well as the 25% labour cap in the summer.


You can help to save a life and help to take somebody out of suffering with your urgently needed donation.

This can be the difference between living or not living








Make someones day happy and safe, make a difference to the lives of so many elderly and disabled in your community.

Donate just £3.00

Without your much needed donations we could not make this happen, thank you so much for your support

thank you


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Day visit with DEPHER in the community

You can be picked up and taken to depher customers homes to see the impact and difference we make to their lives.

Let's make 'D.E.P.H.E.R CIC UK ( Life saving Repairs )' happen