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Cyndicate – bringing Cyclists into the 21st Century by helping Cyclists signal safely on the roads.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £45 with 1 supporter in 125 days

Cyndicate is a wireless light system that enables cyclists to continue indicating safely at junctions.

It is a legal requirement that all cyclists indicate when at a junction by stretching out their arm  in the direction of the proposed turn. The Cyndicate signal system gives  the added assurance that the signalling continues even when after the cyclist's hands are back on the handle bar.

So what if the person behind didn’t see you, once you have put your hand back on the handle bars there is nothing to tell that person what you have just signalled What do you do at night on poorly light roads? Did that driver see your arm? You don’t know if they saw you or not. With Cyndicate, you continue to indicate even when your hands are back on the saddle bar.

Please vote for us using the vote button at the upperright hand side of the page and help us make bring this product to all cyclists in the UK.

Experience Cyndicate

The Cyndicate system consists of an indicator remote control which is easily attached to either of the handle bars and an indicator which is inserted in a number of products. 



The national travel survey for 2014 suggests that over 5 million people in the UK cycle more than twice a week. Over 43% of the UK population own or have use of a bike 183,000 employees participated in the Governments Cycle to Work Scheme up 10% on the previous year and Transport for London estimate 750,000 cycle journeys are made every day in and around London alone, a value that they predict to double in the next 10 years In short a lot of people cycle.

Whilst all these facts and figures are great the truth is well over half of the non cyclists in this country feel it is too dangerous for them to cycle.  Bad road conditions and motor traffic volume and speed all conspire to make cycling feel and look more dangerous than it actually is.


For us to make cycling safer we need help getting the profile of the product raised. We need the product to hit social media to get in touch with cyclists.

We want cyclists to be safe, we want cyclists to indicate please support Cyndicate ! Your vote will not only help cyclists but will also send clear signals to motorists - promoting a greater harmony amongst road users.

Please vote for us using the vote button at the upperright hand side of the page .

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