Cycling Without Age - Nottingham City & Rushcliffe

To buy our first Trishaw - to take local elders and care home residents out on ‘Trishaw’ cycle rides ...... to feel the wind in their hair!

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £255 with 6 supporters in 56 days
We're currently 6th place in the Cycling Without Age
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Who are we?

I came across Cycling Without Age (CWA) when I was looking for a bike to take my elderly mother (93) on bike rides. She cycled a lot as a young adult, that was how she and my Dad courted, so I thought it would be great to take her cycling again. But how do you take a 93 year-old cycling?

CWA seemed like the perfect solution, and an opportunity to re-engage more elders with their cycling past. We have a simple but powerful purpose, shared with all CWA Chapters around the world:-

  • to give older citizens the right to wind in their hair;
  • to help older citizens experience our city and nature, close-up, from the cycle path;
  • to give our older citizens the desire and opportunity to tell their life stories in the surroundings where they have lived their lives;
  • to build bridges between generations and strengthen the trust, respect and social glue in our society.

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I was accepted by CWA as their organiser for Nottingham City & Rushcliffe in October 2017.  We're now ready to get this going for Trishaw at a time.

We are a non-profit volunteer group in Nottingham City & Rushcliffe, UK....PLUS, we enjoy the support that comes from being a local chapter of the global initiative 'Cycling Without Age', founded in Copenhagen in 2012.  Did you know that Denmark is the happiest country in the world!!

What will we do?

Our volunteer cycle-pilots will take local elders and care homes residents out on ‘Trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair! We aim to bring generations closer together using very special Trishaws (three-wheel cycles with a passenger cab out front). 

Each trishaw costs around £6000 each. This includes the blanket and rain hood. Each has a motor so that the "Pilot" does not have to be super fit! In fact it is preferred that the bikes are ridden slowly to enable maximum interaction with the rider and the pilot as well as the general public along the route.

How is this going to work?

We have set ourselves an inital target of two trishaws for our chapter. By donating to the project or pledging a reward you can help us get this worthwhile and exciting project up and running in Nottingham & Rushcliffe. If you would like to volunteer to become one of our trishaw pilots, you can contact me at the top of the page (see button). 


Why are we doing this?

Our principles are generosity, slow cycling, storytelling, relationships and community. Our rides will be comfortable, fun, fully insured and free. They will enable people to experience our City, Trent-side, and country paths close-up from the bicycle. It's an opportunity to regain social connection and for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives. 

The aim is to tackle loneliness, isolation,  build bridges between generations and reinforce trust, respect ......and have some fun on a bike. I'm looking forward to seeing our cycle pilots and passengers enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of the simple pleasure of cycling and feeling the wind on their faces.

....and some Cycling Without Age facts...stimulating spirits to fly and stories to flow.....

  • Established in 2012 in Copenhagen
  • Represented in 37 countries worldwide
  • 450 + chapters
  • 1,500 + trishaws
  • 10,000 + trained cycle pilots
  • Over 50,000 elderly people have been on rides
  • Oldest pilot is 89 and oldest passenger 106
  • Our trishaws cycle 2.2 million km a year or 53 times around the world

How you can help...

Please Consider donating to our project.  We can then engage with other groups and individuals working to improve the lives of local people in Nottingham & Rushcliffe. You will be helping so many elderly and isolated people get out and about. Together we can contribute to building new relationships within our community and make a small difference to people's lives.

Alongside raising the funding for our trishaws we also seek volunteer pilots, helpers and businesses who can help spread awareness of our exciting project. 


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