Cycling Without Age - Handsworth

by Cycling Without Age Handsworth in Handsworth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 19th February 2018 we successfully raised £560 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Its simple really. Our Local volunteers take elderly residents from Care Homes out on cycle rides - and we need your help to make it happen.

by Cycling Without Age Handsworth in Handsworth, England, United Kingdom

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This idea seems simple.   We know that's why we need your help and support. Let's make this happen.

Have you visited Care homes or Day Centres recently?

Well it's time to give something back to the Community. We want to provide something different for people stuck behind 4 walls that may not go out regularly in to the fresh air to enjoy the surrounding. 

'Cycling without Age was founded in Copenhagen in 2012, to bring generations closer together by sharing experiences by bicycle (a very special Trishaw, a three-wheel cycle that has a passenger cab out front).  These are comfortable, fun, fully insured and rides are always FREE.  Volunteer cycle-pilots visit local care homes taking residents out on rides to feel the wind in their hair!

This  is something New that Handsworth. Theses rides can build bridges with family members and help to gain new friendships.  Helps them to to become involved in the social  connection of the Community. Sometimes enjoying the physical and emotional side of life of the great outdoors. Meeting new people on there travels. 

We live in a time were people are getting older and need to be cared for. We believe this is a opportunity of a lifetime so many Care Homes and Day centres could really benefit. 

Meet the team

Simon , Sam, Brian, David and Rav

We need your donations to make this Happen 

There are lots of elderly residents who'd love this opportunity of a lifetime . Each Trishaw costs £6000 to buy and import.  Please donate to bring the joy of riding to more care home residents across Handsworth, Birmingham. We know that with your help we can help transform the lives of the Handsworth elderly  residents.

The Trishaw

As you already know each Trishaw costs around £6000 each. This includes the blanket and rain hood. Each has a motor so that the "Pilot" does not have to be super fit! In fact it is preferred that the bikes are ridden slowly to enable maximum interaction with the rider and the pilot as well as the general public along the the route.

How can we make this happen?

This project is entirely (literally and subjectively) driven by the volunteers who donate their time to Cycling Without Age.   In order for them to be able to do this, we need to have a  which is the absolute fundamental principle behind the project.

We cycle slowly, we share our stories and we build relationships across generations. Bringing all this together helps to make society as a whole better and more resilient.

Donate to make a difference

Please consider contributing to our project, you will really have a profound impact on the lives of others.

Thank you!

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more


PLEDGE £20 TODAY By making a Pledge of £20 you are making a difference to someones life each time a pledge is made by you or your friend / family member. Every Pledge matters but you dont go away empty handed. We will give you a certificate for making this Pledge today.

£50 or more


PLEGDE £1000 This will help towards the purchase or a Trikeshaw for the Community. You will get a certificate and a photo with lovely team of people from Cycling Without Age Handsworth. This can be used for your company marketing. This will include a ride with a team member

£50 or more


PLEDGE £50 Pledging £50 will make a difference to someones life as this will greatly help toward the cost of a Trikeshaw. We will give you a certificate souvenir to show your amazing support

£1,000 or more


PLEDGE £500 Your company logo or your name on the trishaw for 2 years. Plus four vouchers for priority boarding and one priority pilot experience and your souvenir photograph which can be used for your marketing, website and on social media.

£6,000 or more

Pledge £6000 TODAY

PAY FOR ONE WHOLE TRIKESHAW AND YOUR NAME ON IT , plus if you desire and it's a company purchasing it, you can have your branding on its seat to show your sponsorship of it. Full social media recognition. This can be used for your company marketing Thank you for your support in making this happen

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