Cycling from London to Snowdon

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Cycling from London to Snowdon


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3 amazing and worthy charities - Target Ovarian Cancer - Step with Kyra - Queen Mary's children ward, Sutton

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We are a team of 7 embarking on a 3 day cycle ride from London to Snowdon (Wales) which includes hiking up the mountain on the 3rd day! We are raising money for 3 fantastic charities that are very personal to us all. The 3 day challenge will test us mentally and physically. We all know how painful this ride and hike will be, but we also understand the pain we will endure and suffer from this ride will only be temporary compared to the pain some people have to deal with on a daily basis. The monies raised for each of the 3 causes will go to great use. The Team of riders taking part in this challenge are: Daniel Galleni Alan Russell, Neil Solomon David Duffy Richard Collins Mark Chain Tim Charlton-Hunt Below are some words regarding each of the 3 charities we are raising money for: Step with Kyra Kyra is a bright and bubbly 8 year old with PFFD; a condition that means she has a short left thigh and deformed hip. She wears a heavy, bulky and painful prosthetic so she can walk. As she gets older, the shortening worsens and the impact on her life is greater. PFFD is so rare and her case so complex, that the NHS recommend amputating her leg so a prosthetic fits better. HOWEVER, in America they have been using cutting-edge treatment to successfully lengthen legs shorter than Kyra’s for many years. The best place for Kyra to get the treatment she needs is in Florida with the world’s leading specialist. But this costs approx. £95,000 per lengthening as she needs daily physiotherapy for 12 weeks. Please help make Kyra’s dream of walking with two feet on the ground a reality. Target Ovarian Cancer I have always promoted a cancer charity for my charitable activities as it has affected me personally over the years with my friends and family. This year I have chosen ‘Target Ovarian Cancer’ as one of my oldest and dearest friends Ingrid Copperman recently passed away from Ovarian Cancer. Ingrid was an inspiration lady who turned her negatives into a positives and wrote a blog under the alias “the Princess and the C”. Her blogs were deeply personal and inspirational detailing her journey through cancer, her love of family and life shines through in these blogs and serves as a reminder that life must always been lived to the full. Ingrid has sponsored me on every single charity expedition I have ever done so it my pleasure to ride for her chosen cause this year. Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children We spent a lot of time at Queen Mary's children's hospital, in St Helier hospital, Sutton, where they cared for my son Max, whilst he recovered from brain surgery to remove his tumour. In spite of real difficulties with space and an aging building, the care Max received was exemplary and we all felt fully supported during our time there. We spent 5 weeks in a basic, tiny room with faulty equipment, seeing many other families and patients dealing with their situations in the best ways they could. The care team made up for the surroundings in an extremely busy children’s ward but they are in desperate need of funding. Queen Mary’s hospital is a dedicated children’s ward caring for young people with a variety of surgical, medial and orthopaedic conditions. It also provides specialist care for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, and llizarov fixation. Any size donation is hugely appreciated by us all.

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