Cycling for Your Life

The popularity of cycling within the UK has increased immensely in the last few years; unfortunately, cycling fatalities have also witnessed a similar increase. The project: Cycling for Your Life; will be a film based investigative documentary, aiming to highlight the positives and negatives, of cycling in the UK, alongside understanding what can be learnt from cycle friendly nations like the Netherlands and France. I hope 'Cycling for Your Life,' can be a stride in the right direction for improving road safety for cyclists everywhere. This will be a professionally filmed project, aiming for maximum media exposure and discussion.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

WHAT'S BEHIND THE IDEA: Cycling has never been so popular and the growth is positively steady. But launching this growth out onto roads that are already over-crowded, is a potential risk to a cyclists health, and dare I say - a cyclists life. The danger is a very real and lingering prospect to be considered, each and every time we venture outside to share the tarmac with other road users.

I feel the project, this documentary I am asking you to fund, has been a longtime coming. A longtime coming because the issue of cycling safety always seems to be a simmering pot on the back-burner of discussion, only briefly reaching news headlines when another cyclist is needlessly killed on the road. The documentary, 'Cycling for your Life' will address all the issues from a ground-level perspective, and by ground-level I mean we will take the questions that need answers, and put them out onto the roads, speaking directly with all road users and pedetrians, thus gaining a complex multiple perspective on how to suggest and help deliver a safer way forward for the active city cyclist.

SOMETHING MORE ABOUT ME: I studied Film & TV Production as an undergraduate degree, after which, I definitely learnt that film production is not as glamorous as I first thought it would be. That said, I love every tiny little piece that completes the puzzle of making films. Providing knowledge and entertainment with just a good idea, some funding, and a video camera should never be underestimated. The power of film has endless potential to change opinion; to change a course of direction; to change the world

THIS DOCUMENTARY HAS A PLAN: There has been an immense amount of research and thought into how best to move forward with this project. After much discussion, lots of coffee, and a few heated moments fuelled by the coffee; we think we have perfected our three-point attack.

1) Phase one of the project will include shooting (that would be filming, not real shooting) interviews to camera. Interviews to camera will be relevant to our investigation, and include comments and opinions from individuals and organisations, all connected with the issue of improving road safety for all. As of writing, we hope to include soundbites/video from Governmental departments from several European countries; from a varied mix of frequent road users; from european cycling organisations, and friends and/or family of cyclists who have been fatalities as a result of cycling on the road.

2) Phase two of the 'Cycling for your Life' documentary will be the meat & 2 veg in regards to the overall cost of the film production process. In phase two, we will take to the road with our intrepid cyclist (Big John - at 5' 3") and film the road from the cyclist point of view. In pursuit of being able to correlate, separate, and understand the data we gather, we will be travelling to several European cities with the sole goal of learning what works, and perhaps more importantly - what doesn't. Cities to be visited, include: London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Paris. A point to mention here, is, that with the exception of London, the remaining cities to be visited, are all placed within the top 15 of the safest cycling cities in the world. Hence the need to visit and learn from the said cities.

3) Phase three, the final phase of the 'Cycling for your Life' project, is where it all comes together - and then goes out again. All the filmed footage, interviews, and knowledge gained, will be edited down to an amazing (and hopefully influential) documentary. Part two of this phase involves getting the film out there and ensuring all the right people get to view it. Spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the many film festivals around the world, are just a few of the options we have for gaining exposure, with more avenues to be explored.

WHERE YOUR MONEY WILL BE SPENT: Before we start, let me tell you where your money won't be going: we won't be using your trusted pledge to fund extravagant nights out; nor will your money be used for plush meals at plush establishments with very plush ladies; nor will we be using your generosity to fund some ethically wrong cause. Because that would be wrong. No, you pledged donation will be exclusively used to help fund the making of this documentary, so we can get the finished film out there, ignite debate, and subsequently prompt positive action for cycling and road safety for everyone.

What we will be spending the money on, includes: the complete filming process; paying the film crew, buying or renting the raw materials needed to move forward; the cost of post production, and then of course, the much needed end product promotion. We also need to fund some of the travel costs, but rest assured, if we can cycle to where we are going — then we promise you, we will be pedalling there (looks like we are cycling to Paris guys). After all, we are trying to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Yeah, we love this planet too :-)

UPDATES AND REWARDS: I understand, after you've made a pledge, nobody wants to be left out in the cold, wondering what the heck is happening with the money kindly given. And I have no intention of leaving you out there. I will be updating the chain of progress, as and when it happens. Updates can be viewed via the 'Cycling for your Life' Crowdfunder page, or if you prefer, head over to the Hearts Quest Media website

All rewards for pledges, will be dispatched once the film has been finalised, but prior to the film be available for public viewing. I anticipate rewards to be dispatched, some point in early May 2014. I hope this is not a problem.

I think I have covered everything, but please do get in touch if you need any more information before making your decision.

As a final note, I would like thank each and every single one of you for reading this far, and I hope we can work together; to be part of something potentially monumental and life changing.

Happy Days.

Tim Willmore