Cycle-Smart Fun Book

We're publishing a safer cycling fun puzzle book for children aged 5 to 11.

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Help young children become safer cyclists by raising money for a safer cycling fun book.

The all colour booklet will contain a variety of puzzles and activities designed to teach youngsters aged between 5 and 11 the importance of being seen whilst they are out on their bikes, wearing a helmet and planning a safer cycle route to school. The 12 page A5 booklet will contain a wordsearch, spot the difference, quiz, name the parts of the bicycle puzzle, cycling quiz, match the helmet puzzle, scrambled words, top 10 cycling tips, a safer route to school maze and a dot to dot puzzle. The booklet will be illustrated with cartoons and be available to download as a PDF from the Cycle-Smart Foundation's website or in booklet form.

Child cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users in the UK. Last year more than 400 children under the age of 14 were killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads and a further 5,000 were admitted to hospital with cycling related injuries. 

Cycling is great fun for kids and is good for children's health and the environment but as a charity we want to show them how they can be as safe as possible.

Cycle-Smart Foundation

Founded in 1998 by a paediatric trauma nurse, the Cycle-Smart Foundation (formerly The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust) is a registered charity based in Reading that works throughout the UK and is committed to reducing the number of children who are killed and seriously injured in cycling accidents.


The charity has 16 years' of experience. Its work and achievements have been acknowledged and praised by the World Health Organisation and details fo the charity's safer cycling education programme are included in the European Child Safety Alliance's Good Practice Guide and the Trust is a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter. In 2009, the charity became the first British organisation to win the European Road Safety Awards and was praised for its "innovative approach to encouraging children to wear a cycle helmet."


Read what people are saying about the charity's award-winning safer cycling education packs for children aged 5 to 15: 

"Just wanted to let you know that the education pack and DVDs you sent me have made a huge impact in the schools I have been working in," Rob Brown, cycling instructor

"We will be using your wonderful resources as part of road safety week," Mrs Pook, teacher

"The resources you provided were incredibly useful and well received by the class," Miss Wren, teacher

"Your teacher lessons pack is an extremely valuable resource," Sam Coleman, Travel Plan Co-ordinator

"Thank you so muich for the safer cycling teaching packs. They are really first class," Mr Heyworth, headteacher

"The teaching pack was fantastic," Sarah Chapman, teacher

Why are we crowdfunding?

The charity's first and only safer cycling fun book was published in 2002 and 13 years on it is looking very dated! It is in desperate need of a makeover and as the charity changed its name in November 2014 now is the perfect time.

The charity would like to involve a number of businesses, organisations, schools and individuals to be part of this exciting project that will both entertain and inform young cyclists.

The money you raise will be used to design, produce and print 10,000 copies of the booklet and create a PDF which can be downloaded.


When will the Fun Book be published? Once the funding has been secured we are aiming to get the Fun Book ready by the end of May 2015 - in time for the summer cycling events and bike shows.

Is the Fun Book really necessary? The charity's original puzzle book was very popular with young cyclists. Research shows that children learn most effectively when they enjoy what they do and learning how to cycle safely is no exception. By using the Fun book youngsters will be having fun but learning at the same time.

How will the Fun Book get the safer cycling message across? The Fun book will highlight the importance of wearing a cycle helmet, it will illustrate to child cyclists the need to be seen using bike lights and high visibility clothing, it will demonstrate the importance of having a safer route to school and it will teach them the importance of using their hearing whilst cycling as well as their ability to see. It will teach them not to use a mobile phone whilst cycling and show them the importance of having cycle training. 

How much of the money I pledge will be used to fund the Fun Book? Will any of it be used on administration? Your plegde is specifically for this project and will be used solely for it. It will not be used for running costs.