Cycle Ende Gelande

Cycle Ende Gelande

A coalition of European bike rides gathering together to reach Ende Gelände, a mass action to shut down an opencast lignite coal mine.

We did it!

On 18th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £1,125 with 15 supporters in 28 days

As a coalition of grassroots networks fighting for climate and social justice, we need your support in the fight against coal mining. We will be cycling from all over Europe to reach Ende Gelände, a mass action to shut down a massive opencast lignite coal mine in the Lusatia fields, Germany.  By donating to this cause, you will be directly supporting the grassroots movement in the fight against our dependency on coal.

As a river of cyclists, rides from Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Austria, we will join up at different points on the map and reach the Climate Camp in Proschim all together, standing up united for what we believe in, and shutting down what we don’t. 


Why We Are Raising Money

By helping finance this ride, you will provide us with the means to discover and show solidarity with communities promoting positive social change, build a wider, more diverse and stronger community to fight the root causes of a socially and environmentally destructive system, and to find our inner leaders to build a better one. We will create spaces where skill shares and workshops can take place, a diversity of affinities can be created and courage will be developed – elements that will last in the long term and that are key to feeling safe and constructive when taking action.


We want to make this ride as accessible as possible to help grow a diverse global justice movement. Through raising this money we will be able to cut down people’s costs to join the ride and also get a van. Although we would ideally prefer to not use any fossil fuels, we have learnt from experience that having a van allows many more people to get involved based on physical abilities. Carrying a lot of weight over long distances can be daunting and even impossible for many. 

This crowdfunding project also gives people that aren't able to join the ride an opportunity to support an action that will help to keep fossil fuels in the ground. In a world where millions of euros get spent lobbying politicians to carry on with business as usual with regards to our fossil fuel addiction, opposition in any form is essential. 


Why We Need to Take Action

The effects of climate change are being felt all over the World. Since the beginning of the international climate negotiations in 1994, carbon emissions have gone up by 63% and this February has been announced the hottest month in history. It is becoming clearer by the hour that in order to stop climate chaos it is up to us to take action. We are already locked into a serious temperature rise and yet the burning of coal is increasing. Governments are continuing to support companies such as Vatenfall and RWE Npower who continue with this climate destruction on a massive scale. As Goverments fail to act it falls upon the people to do so.

It is 'Time To Act', and we will make a stand right here. It is 'Ende Gelande', Here and no further for coal.





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