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by Gerry Corlass in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

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We are raising funds for the purchase of 'Trishaw' number one, plus accessories for passenger comfort.

by Gerry Corlass in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

6th place in the Cycling Without Age

Who are we?

We are a team of licensed chauffeurs based in Southern England and supported by a marketing expert and social media specialist.  Over the last fifteen years or so,  we have taken many locals and visitors of all ages and abilities on car tours around our area.   We are now looking forward to introducing the  'Cycling Without Age'  concept for the benefit of those members of the local community who have become less mobile because of their age.   We are hoping this will give them another opportunity to  get involved once again, by experiencing a comfortable, relaxed and healthy way to enjoy nature at it's best.  

What is Cycling Without Age?

Cycling Without Age is a movement started in 2012 by Ole Kassow, which set out to tackle the social isolation endured by elderly people as a consequence of their limited mobility.   Cycling Without Age enables volunteers to use a bespoke bike called a Trishaw to take elderly people out on bike rides around their community.   Since Fraser Johnston was featured in BBC Three’s ‘Amazing Humans’ television programme the concept has spread rapidly throughout the UK with many new Chapters of CWA opening to support their local communities.

How is it going to work?

We are what is called a ‘registered affiliate’ of Cycling Without Age which means we have been granted the privilege of starting a ‘Chapter’ of CWA in our local area.   We are building relationships with care homes and managing a scheme of local volunteers to take elderly people on bike rides out of their homes and back into their communities.     By introducing this scheme into our area, we will:

 Build stronger communities

• Tackle issues of social isolation amongst the elderly

• Create more engaged and active citizens

As licensed chauffeurs we have the ability to transport riders and 'Trishaws' to various parts of our area, to give them unique opportunities to experience the  Flora and Fauna  in our local National Park.    We plan to take the riders and bikes to parts of the New Forest where dedicated Off Road Cycle Trails  cross open spaces and go through forest enclosures to view some stunning  scenery.   Each bike will have cameras fitted so that videos and photos can be captured during the trip and given to the riders as a permanent momento of their adventure.

After their ride, they will rendezvous with the car and trailer for a pleasant  Mini-Tour  home.    On some occasions we may arrange a visit to a local Ice Cream Parlour,  Tea Room  or  Picnic spot.   In the event that someone had a specific place they wanted to visit we could probably arrange it for them.     As Country Chauffeurs we are accustomed to showing people from all around the world, the interesting parts of the New Forest, with it's history dating back to William The Conqueror  in 1079 and telling them about the people, the stories, the myths and the legends that have made it what it is today.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more


As we travel around we are photographing much of the scenery so we have the ability to select and produce some very attractive pictures. We will send a Personalised and Framed picture with a message of gratitude for the donation.

£50 or more


Have a friend or relative join you, or pass the ride to someone of your choice. The trip will be piloted by an experienced volunteer who will take you into the forest on OFF ROAD trails where you will get up close to the Flora and Fauna and go to the places that only the locals know about. The Trishaw is equipped with cameras that will be recording the journey. This will be edited into a souvenir of the trip for each rider

£75 or more


Trishaw ride through the forest as described, plus a Mini-Tour to a local Tea Room or Ice Cream Parlour for a refreshing treat. Plus souvenir recording of the trip

£136 or more

0 of 10 claimed


A Safari Tour by car visiting the Coastal Area lasting about two hours followed by Trishaw Ride through the forest for another hour. Souvenir recordings of the car and the bike trip are also included.

£150 or more

0 of 20 claimed

FINE DINING for two or more.

A choice of Restaurant and Hotel Dining options. Rewards are comensurate with amount pledged. Selection by negotiation.

£333 or more

0 of 4 claimed


You company LOGO on the Trishaw and FULL ADVERT on the Trailer for SIX months. This reward also includes Advertising on our website with LINKS to your own sites as well as some exposure in our souvenir videos and media releases.

£500 or more

0 of 4 claimed


Company LOGO on Trishaw and ADVERT on Trailer for a TWELVE month period, plus advertising slot on our websit with links. There will be some eposure in the souvenir videos that all riders receive.

£7,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed


Your Company named as the benefactor and sponsor of the ( YOUR NAME ) Trishaw, getting full recognition in press and media releases. Trailer personalised to you personally or your company. Special feature on our website with URL Links. You may also nominate riders by negotiation.

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