CW Jones x Benny Aves - All My Friends Take Drugs

by CW Jones & Benny Aves in London, England, United Kingdom

CW Jones x Benny Aves - All My Friends Take Drugs
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To community fund the release of CW Jones x Benny Aves debut album. A Trip Hop project featuring Hip Hop heavyweights.

by CW Jones & Benny Aves in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We’re aiming to raise £5000 which would allow us to target radio play via the use of radio pluggers, up the level our music videos and shoot additional content. It would also allow us to invest in additional PR and marketing to help our record reach as many people as possible.

Thank you all so much for your support!
Craig and Benny x

Hello!  We started making an album around 3 and a bit years ago. It's been almost complete for the past year, but we've just got round to putting the finishing touches on completing it, having it mastered by an amazing Engineer. Trying to put this record out during covid-19 is making life a little bit more difficult than we expected, so we've come round to the idea of releasing this in community spirit, crowdfunding with pre sales to fund part of the costs, meaning we get to retain 100% ownership of our music.

Our album is a 10 track trip hop album, featuring YNR legends, Jehst & Tommy Evans, and also hip hop heavyweight Cutta Chase. The digital/CD master is ready! But we'd like to release this properly with a physical release on 12" vinyl, with a proper PR campaign to push the record and our music videos. We've already spent money on the record, and will continue to spend money on the record, covering all other costs involved.

Any Donation to our crowdfunder will have your name printed on our vinyl and CD as a thank you for the support!

A Breakdown of where the crowdfunding costs will go

Vinyl Master: £200
250 records printed: £1500
PR campaign: £1000
Marketing: £300

Which is a total of £3000. 
We will set a stretch target of £5000. 
Any additional funds raised over the £3000 mark, will be used to adopt a strategy to target Radio play, using a radio plugger to try and get our music into the hands of radio DJ's. We'll then use any leftover budget to invest into additional music videos and online campaigns to help our music reach as many people as possible.

Thank for your taking your time to read and if you'd like to read a little bit more about the album, keep scrolling down to see what our good friend GingerSlim had to say about our work!

Massive Love,

Craig and Benny

Some words on the album by Tim Fish:

"........ Which brings us to All My Friends Take Drugs; an album which draws on the best of both artists’ worlds and paves the way for a partnership that will be the catalyst for a lot more music in the future. Ostensibly a trip hop venture, the album combines elements of hip hop with influential styles ranging from Portishead and Boards of Canada, to Samiyam and Danger Mouse. But it also serves as a self-help project of sorts for Jones, having taken three years to complete, during which time life had offered up its usual host of challenges and dilemmas, some of which worked their way into the themes that are tackled within the songwriting.

Production-wise the album’s prevailing genre is hip hop, with tracks like Float Away and For Eva sitting comfortably on their boom bap foundations, before being further fortified by superb guest spots from UK rappers, Cutta Chase and Jehst, respectively. The UK hip hop flag is flown once more on What’s a Brother ’Sposed To Do?, as UK veteran Tommy Evans continues to enjoy his reemergence into the spotlight, with a typically tight verse. Then on tracks like the opener, Find My Way, we find a woozy, syncopated soundscape, with Jones drifting in with that vaguely haunting feel that often underpins his vocals. Then further down the line we find richly layered, atmospheric gems like Ask Me Properly and The Walls Are Closing In, which further highlight the duo’s combined strength.

As a standalone album, All My Friends Take Drugs, easily holds its own against its peers, but when you factor in that it also heralds the start of a bold new musical partnership, the album’s importance takes on even more weight.



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