Cut Out Collage; a creative revolution

by Catherine Rogers in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

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To improve access to the arts by making spaces for people to create and continue conversations about art and positive mental wellbeing.

by Catherine Rogers in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Further funding will enable us to develop projects and relationships with organisations and charities further afield. We will be able to pilot workshops across the North West more broadly and secure further collaboration opportunities. We will also be able to design and deliver an art retreat championing creativity, mindfulness, nourishment and connection to explore this as a branch of the business for the future. We would also be able to run a wellbeing exhibition event with local artists to promote local talent exploring what their art practice means to them.  

Where did we begin?

Cut Out Collage began as a personal journey of making art. Here's Cut Out founder Catherine's story:

Being creative has always been an essential part of my self-care practice and wellbeing. Running Cut Out Collage has been the culmination of years of dreaming; the illumination of a secret hope that I could live a fully creative life, that I could live in my purpose of creating spaces for people to express themselves and engage with art. However, after years in retail, working my way up the corporate ladder, my sketchbooks were hidden, my confidence low and my dreams were on hold. Six years ago I realised that although personnel roles in retail had revealed my passion for people I needed to move on and experience different types of people focused jobs. So, I took an £11,000 pay cut and started working with men in supported living. I had very little money and was working a lot of unsociable hours, but I had never been happier. I was getting to know amazing people, hearing their stories and helping them live a more creative and fulfilling life. I then decided to train as an art therapist and began to see my own art practice evolve in the process. I felt like sleeping dreams were awakening. Since qualifying as a therapist, I've been able to engage creatively with so many people, and see their lives open up, and it struck me, everyone should have access to support and spaces where they feel valued and able to express themselves. I began to realise that providing creative spaces was something I could do as an artist as well, putting art into peoples homes and art materials in their hands. 

What is Cut Out Collage all about?

At Cut Out Collage, we want to enhance accessibility to the arts across the North West of England and beyond. We provide creative, therapeutic and skills-based workshops to those wanting to grow, explore their creativity, and discover the wellbeing benefits of engaging with the arts. Our services are available to individuals and groups, can be hired privately for events and corporate away-days for team building.

What actually happens at workshops you ask? Well, participants are guided through a series of creative exercises whether that be drawing, collage, decoupage, up-cycling, mindfulness meditations, or a combination depending on which workshop you attend. For example, our collage revolution workshops focus on selecting, cutting out and repurposing of images to make new artworks. Example artworks are provided, with related artists and influencers shared to help get the creative juices flowing. As participants flex their creative muscles, wonderful artworks are made. With guidance, structure, experimentation and a positive atmosphere absolutely anyone can get involved, no experience is required and all your materials are provided. 

We believe strongly in the power of reusing, recycling and repurposing so using collage as our primary medium allows us to practice this everyday by reusing discarded books and out of date magazines to create beautiful new images.

We also create and sell original designs at art markets and local events. This ensures that our creative practice is growing alongside those we are providing workshop space for; so we all stay inspired!

Why is it important for us to grow?

We want to be a creative revolution, one that impacts the North West of England and beyond. There can be barriers for many people wanting to engage with creative spaces because of budgets, accessibility, intimidation and lack of knowledge. We are passionate about changing that by providing a range of creative spaces, events and packages to suit all budgets and needs.

How will we spend the money?

Your generous pledges will enable us to fund the following projects.

More workshops:

We are developing new varieties of workshops all the time. For example, we have a series called creative calm, where mindfulness and creativity are explored together. We are also focusing on a creative journaling series in collaboration with local wellness and yoga services. Also, we're super excited about 'paper my table' workshops which will bring up-cycling and collage together to create one off, bespoke side tables. A successful crowdfunding campaign would enable us to realise these sessions and develop our existing ones to gather the momentum needed to venture out into other cities as well. 

An Arts and Wellbeing Podcast:

This podcast will explore creativity and wellbeing in an inspiring and engaging way. We will chat with a variety of artists, charities, collectives and organisations to explore the exciting creative world that already exists and people dreams for the future. We hope it provides another avenue for people to feel engaged with and aware of the amazing creative world around them and perhaps inspire them to go to some amazing events. The podcast compounds our passion for inclusivity as those not able to attend workshops can still access audible content. 

Outreach projects and collaborations:

We love bringing collage into communities, especially those with little to no budget for making art. We recently began donating our time to a local men's mental health charity and would love to continue providing workshops in this way. Developing our packages and paid workshops will allow us to do more in this area. 

Corporate team building and self-care packages:

We believe bringing creative projects and events into corporate spaces has a great ripple effect on wider society. Offering packages which include creative ways to explore communication and identifying roles in teams can open up a new and exciting narrative, enabling teams to grow and work more effectively together. We also plan to further develop a series of creative retreats which would be enabled by our growth target.

Expand our studio space:

We are planning to grow our studio space to make it the best collage head quarters it can be. There will be a collage browsing library for workshop attendees to gather their materials, a permanent area to record our upcoming podcast and space for meetings with future collaborators! This expansion would undoubtedly take our in-house workshops, collaborations and events to another level.

Online store:

Our store will sell branded merchandise but we will also collaborate with local artists to create bespoke and unique designs on tote bags, clothing, prints and postcards. Original designs and commissions will also be available for purchase via the store.

Examples of rewards:

Below are some examples of the designs available to have as prints or on tote bags. We will also be creating a founders tote bag and print design which will incorporate the names of those who pledge for founders rewards; to showcase those who enabled us to grow!

Other ways to pledge:

At Cut Out Collage we're all about inclusivity so if you're not in a position to give financially but want to be involved we'd be more than happy to take any old magazines or books you don't want anymore. Having additional stock for workshops helps us do more, so these donations would be greatly appreciated.

If you feel moved to pledge one of our larger donation amounts but aren't based locally to receive workshop rewards, please contact us to discuss other reward options we could create for you. Or if you would like to donate without a reward, please leave your contact details so we may acknowledge your generosity personally.

Thank you for supporting our creative revolution!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Collage pack

This collage pack provides you with a selection of images to get you started on your collage journey.

£10 or more

Founders tote bag

Grab one of our tote bags and represent us wherever you shop! This tote bag will feature the names of all those who pledge for it, showcasing those who enabled us to grow!

£15 or more

3 of 20 claimed

Collage Revolution workshop ticket token

Do you live in Merseyside or nearby? Want to experience the collage revolution first hand? Grab one of these workshop ticket tokens and join us at Collage HQ for a fabulous, accessible workshop you won't soon forget! These workshops are based on the third Thursday evening of the month in the Baltic triangle in Liverpool. If you purchase this reward please consider your travel options. Dates to be confirmed following the campaign.

£15 or more

Featured design or Founders Print

Choose from one of our featured designs or secure a founders print which showcases the names of those who enabled us to grow. A fantastic piece to add to your collection. All prints are A4.

£20 or more

Collage Revolution T shirt

What a way to support our creative revolution, literally wearing it for the world to see! Grab one of these T shirts and get people talking.

£25 or more

Tote bag and print

Get your hands on one of our founders tote bags with a fabulous print of one of our original designs to sweeten the deal! A great way to contribute and add another piece of art to your collection.

£35 or more

2 of 10 claimed

Packages and themed workshops

Fancy treating yourself or a friend to one of our fabulous workshop packages? This pledge secures you a place at one of our upcoming events with food, a choice of drink, workshop tuition and materials all for £35! Please note a date will be booked following campaign. For North West England only. Package workshops to run in Liverpool.

£50 or more

0 of 8 claimed

Original collage

If you're not sure what you would want to commission but definitely want one of our works on your walls, have no fear! Choose from a selection of gorgeous original collage designs. All are A4, perfect to fit in any room or space. We will send you a selection of designs for you to choose from. A really unique and original piece to gift or keep for yourself.

£80 or more

0 of 8 claimed

Collage Hamper

This is the ultimate swag bag! More collage goodies than you can shake a stick at! Included are a tote bag, x2 prints, x4 collage packs, T shirt, collage revolution workshop ticket token. What's not to love? The ultimate gift or a well deserved treat for you.

£120 or more

0 of 8 claimed

Collage or drawing commission A3

Looking for the perfect way to enhance the walls of your home or business? A bespoke collage or drawing commission from Cut Out Collage will do just that. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you would like from the commission and see it brought to life in the fabulous medium of collage or classic fine line drawing or a combination of the two! You don't get more unique than this!

£150 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Mindful creativity workshop (up to 8 people)

Want to experience creative calm? This workshop provides all the skills and tools required to practice mindfulness in an exciting way with the huge benefit of leaving feeling much more relaxed. This reward is a workshop for up to 8 people so gather a group of friends and treat yourselves. Please note a date will be booked following campaign. For North West England only.

£170 or more

3 of 4 claimed

Collage or drawing commission A2

Looking for the perfect way to enhance the walls of your home or business? A bespoke collage or drawing commission from Cut Out Collage will do just that. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you would like from the commission and see it brought to life in the fabulous medium of collage or classic fine line drawing or a combination of the two! You don't get more unique than this!

£250 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Private collage workshop (up to 15 people)

This exciting reward is your chance to experience a creative collage workshops for you, friends and/or family up to 15 people. All your materials and expert tuition will be provided making for a fabulously creative and fun afternoon. These workshops are a great way to celebrate your birthday or as a gift for someone you love. Date booked in following the campaign. For North West England only.

£300 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Creative corporate escape (up to 15 people)

This exclusive special offer workshop is the perfect way to spend a company away day. With no awkward icebreakers, this workshop allows teams to engage in creative exercises together and learn how to communicate more effectively. These sessions allow the space for roles, conflicts, ideas to be explored in a safe and practical way. Please note, a date will be agreed following campaign. For outside North West, please contact prior to purchase.

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