by liya896 in London, England, United Kingdom

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Recreating the standard pet supplies and products from ordinary to extraordinary at the best affordable price Also impacting homelessness.

by liya896 in London, England, United Kingdom

International unique pet company! Will start with a home base to build clientele. Soon I'll be able to open the doors to our exclusive launch party here in Central London! Company name is...

This is no pipe dream my ideas are solid and profitable. My products are unique and custom tailor made to each individual client and their pet. Prices are specific for each job based on material cost and labor. There will be limited addition collections for any pet lovers special gift. Also...

 THE CELEB COLLECTION which I'm most excited about. My favorite tv stars include Lisa Vanderpump so her dedicated line includes full range in perfect pink and baby blues with diamanté and oozing poshness. Then I'll have the NeNe Leakes collection embracing bling and swag with a stylish black, gold and white range. She's outspoken and fabulous and the line will reflect this. And last but not least Lola Monroe who is literally the hottest chick on telly. Her style and look is certainly unique and I love that so her inspired collection will be straight FIRE! With the most craziest pet dishes, grooming tool and collars on the planet. 

Your pet can be wearing styles and looks like no other but also staying comfortable. With my company we can change the future of normal pet supplies all over the world. Starting by working from home constantly increasing in creativity and popularity we build the excitement for the next step to open a shop conveniently located. The more advanced products will be outsourced to companies that can produce the products to high standards such as the grooming and feeding items. My pet products are not only unique but my range of new cat toys are amazing. People all over the world spend inane money on their pets, this will give us all a new and exciting place to do so.

I enjoy sewing and being creative, i can not only design but I will make all collars by hand from cost effective material ranging to silks and leather. Once I receive the funding I can get all nessessary equipment and materials, beginning with an individual range of sample products outlining the different options available to customers. From there I will arrange to have a small catalogue/cards/and posters done to show the diversity and style you’ll only get from my company. Once obtaining a shop the progression will be unstoppable. 

* Also with my company I will start my own charity to help not only reduce but eventually end homelessness all over the world. I am a very dedicated person and with support I can do this. Building homes is clearly a large expensive job but setting a charity for this purpose it gives everyone a platform to be able to contribute. Creating a safe place for people who have absolutely nothing and no one is a dream that will be a reality. 

In this case with the charity all donations will go directly to the account that will pay for obtaining a property, renovations and hiring staff for help with ensuring all men, women and children are following house rules. There will be hires security who will also assist in daily activities. I will ensure a regular rotation to the local clothing charities are in place to keep appearances are improved. We will work with anyone who needs to read and write plus ensure mentally unstable persons are directed to where they can be correctly treated. The most expensive part of this process  will be obtaining a property for my project. By continuing the charity for years to come, eventually we will have a helping home in every town and city around the world. Can you help me? Will you be involved?? *

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