Currency trading

Currency trading

I am a successful, self taught Forex Currency 'Demo' Trader; who in the future would like to Advise Investors; who want to trade the Market.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a successful, self taught Forex Currency 'Demo' Trader.

I have Created a mathamatical formula; which has allowed me, on a daily basis to work out whether the GBP, USD or EURO will go either 'SHORT' or 'LONG'.

I have linked my 'Analysis' to the Hedge Fund Forum after I was invited to join them in 2011 and I have been placing my work on site; everyday for the past 5 years.  In which, I have had a fantastic respnse; that has made 'LinkedIn' to place me on the 'Profile Expert' Level.

I have now decided to take my work to the next level of Currency Trading Education with the 'Market Traders Institute'; who have empowered me with all the tools; that I need to trade 'Live'.

I am asking for your help in financialy precuring my dream, to have my own equipment and office space.  

To 'Start Up' my career and help me to help those within my Community; to have a better understanding of the Financial Market, whilst furthering their dreams to become a Forex Trader, trading with the best 'Forex Traders and Education.