Cultural Centre Grinzland

The goal is to open Cultural Centre in Grinzing (Vienna) to contribute to the cultural heritage preservation and run cultural programs.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The non-profit organization "Geschichte. Kultur. Wein in Grinzing und Umgebung (GeKuWe)" (in English "History. Culture. Wine in Grinzing and the surrounding areas")operates in Grinzing, Döbling (19th) District of Vienna, Austria. GeKuWe is being formed to provide informational services and cultural programmes to residents and visitors of Grinzing. The Organization will also conduct the research activity to study the history of the region and to preserve the cultural heritage.

Grinzing is a unique part of Vienna as it keeps the charm of an old wine village and is famous for its magnificent landscapes, traditions and history. The beauty of the historical part of Grinzing with preserved buildings from the 11th to 19th centuries, the sound of blessed bells from  Gothic churches, the invisible presence of many musicians, composers, scientists, including Beethoven, Schubert, Mahler, Einstein who loved to visit and to work in Grinzing, the numerous Heurigers with wooden tables under  chestnut trees, scenic historical and contemporary villas immersed in flowers, the magnificent landscapes of the vineyards on the hillsides, the fabulous Vienna woods, the famous Cobenzl, Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg, with a breathtaking view of Vienna - all this and much more is of great  pride for local residents and attracts many visitors every year.

Currently, the local community has taken the initiative to include cultural and natural landscapes of Grinzing in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage to preserve the region for future generations.

The idea of founding the Organization was based on the understanding of the need for a Cultural Centre in Grinzing which could accumulate and present all information about historical and cultural sites, natural landscapes, famous people who once lived or stayed here. This idea is supported by local representatives, who take an active part in cultural and social life.

The Organization’s goals are to preserve cultural and historical heritage of Grinzing, organize the cultural space for residents and visitors, and to provide information about the region with the use of modern technologies.

GeKuWe plans to open a Cultural Centre in Grinzing which will house the museum, gallery for contemporary art exhibitions, a venue for cultural programmes and a play/art zone for children. The Organization will publish a brochure, produce a film, develop a website with a mobile application, and will arrange cultural programmes.

We are looking for funding to pay for the initial start-up costs of rent, venue reconstruction, equipment, furniture, marketing, and legal fees/costs. The annual revenue of the Organization will be generated by a combination of programmes, and museum ticket sales, grants from foundations and sponsorship support from organizations and individuals. 

The project will play an important role for the region and for people from cultural, social and economic perspectives as it will engage people in joint social activities and will contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the region.