Cultivate Lincoln - Community Wellness Fund

by Emily Cartwright in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

Cultivate Lincoln - Community Wellness Fund


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To create a Community Wellness Fund to provide alternative healthcare to those in Lincoln who are unable to afford or access treatments.

by Emily Cartwright in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

Cultivate Lincoln will be Lincoln's first city centre community wellness space, which will offer a juice and tonic bar, coffee and vegan cake takeaway and herbal apothecary.

It will be a space that will act as an alternative medicine hub alongside a herbal apothecary which sells herbal tea blends and botanical products, alongside an affordable space that can be rented out which offers workshops and events such as meditation classes, yoga and women’s circles which all honour and stay aligned with our social aim to provide affordable alternative medicine in Lincoln city centre. 

We want to provide Lincoln with a community wellness centre, which offers affordable alternative healthcare whilst supporting and connecting the community with environmental and human right issues and providing a space where these ideas and issues can be explored and supported. The business aims to put the focus on re-connecting people back to nature and helping to find a balance between work and lifestyle to ensure that we are sustaining a healthy future for individuals, our families, and our community. Alternative medicine, nutrition and self care shouldn’t only be accessible to only those that can afford it as it is often those suffering from ill health and stressful lifestyles that are at need most. Ill health and stress have huge affects on our wellbeing and those that find themselves here are often at a disadvantage financially. This is where the Community Wellness Fund (CWF) will come into play. 

The CWF will enable us to provide a ‘community wellness pot’ which allows those living within Lincoln to access alternative medicine, either complementary or at a reduced rate or “Pay What You Can Afford” basis depending on their personal circumstance. It also puts the money raised back in our local economy by supporting local small businesses by making sure that we pay them the fair wage for them to be able to support and grow their own businesses. Anyone interested in accessing our CWF will be able to apply online via a short questionnaire and then we will choose at random however many people we can support that month through the available amount in our community wellness pot. We then contact them and let them know they are selected, see which treatment or classes they would like to select for their health and wellbeing needs, and then put them in touch with the relevant practitioner or therapists to get booked in and then Cultivate pay for that persons treatment from our available funding in the CWF. Our target of £6000 allows us to have £500 per month for a year to help those within Lincoln to gain access to health and wellbeing classes or alternative treatments that they wouldn't have been in a financial position to afford. 

The CWF is kept completely separate from the business accounts and its sole purpose it to help those who aren't financially able to access self care, well-being, or classes and alternative therapies such as herbal medicine, reiki, massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation, and women's circles, as well as many other vital therapies. We wont just solely rely on our donations to, we will endeavour to do fundraising all year round to ensure our CWF is topped up so we can always offer financial help to those that need to accesses it. We hope to do this by regular fundraising events and by selling a chosen product in our shop Cultivate, where 100% of the profit goes straight into the community wellness fund. We will also have a "Pay it Forward' option at our till so that if you'd like to you can buy a juice, piece of cake or herbal tea or coffee for someone in need, because after all it's nice to be nice!

In early 2020 we hope to then apply to be a Community Interest Company (CIC) where we can hopefully gain access to additional funding to support our community by providing more opportunities for establishing our all important connection with nature and providing affordable health and wellbeing events and workshops throughout Lincoln and for people of all ages and all backgrounds. We also hope to run regular workshops to support other charities and support our larger communities such as the refugees at Calais by holding medicine making workshops to provide all important medicine for Herbalist Without Boarders and those providing all important front line support at anti-fracking sites across the county encompassing our social aim to support and protect our community and our environment. 

Thank-you for reading and supporting!

Emily Cartwright MNIMH

Medical Herbalist + Emergency Responder and owner of Cultivate Lincoln. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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One free juice or herbal tea of your choice from Cultivate Lincoln! Don't forget to bring your re-usable cup :)

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A 50g custom blended herbal tea made specifically for you or a loved one made by hand at our herbal apothecary at Cultivate.

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Your choice of either a complementary juice or herbal tea, a 50g custom blended herbal tea made specifically for you or a loved one made by hand at our herbal apothecary at Cultivate and a free pass to one of our in store workshops.

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£100 Reward

A complementary juice and herbal tea, a 100g custom blended herbal tea made specifically for you or a loved one made by hand at our herbal apothecary at Cultivate, Cultivate tote bag and Furze Botanical product of your choice and two free passes to one of our in store workshops!

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