This project has been established with the aim to revive and support the University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club.

We did it!

On 8th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days

 This project has been established with the aim to give financial support to the University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club. A small and passionate society which allows students the chance to shoot on a weekly basis in South Wales. We range from beginners to keen shots and take part in a host of competitions and events nation wide.

we have set our target figure ambitiously high and do not expect to necessarily raise such substantial funds however all donations will contribute to the running of the club and any raised funds over £2,000 would considerably help this small and charming society.

The club is entirely supported by its proud members and recieves minimal funding accross the board. With the raised funds the club will benefit from increased flexibility of purchasing cartridges and kit and organising weekly transport to excursions to enable students the opportunity to shoot.

We hope to use a portion of any raised sum to purchase personalised kit for club members and allow us to establish ourselves and wear our name with pride. Any donors who wish make substantial donations will be contacted in regard to us bearing their name/logo on our kit as a way of saying thank you.

This proud and friendly club seeks to encourage new members to the sport, introducing them to the traditional realm of coutry sports and living. Through weekly excursions to local shooting grounds we will teach members the basics of gun safety and how to shoot responsibly, introducing them to the sport. All in a fun environment of course.

If we are successful in raising larger sums we would love to pay for professional coaching for our members even as a one off as such coaching and advice is invaluable and would boost our team in gearing towards competitions aswell as peer to peer coaching.

Any raised figure will help us encourage a larger base of membership by lowering the cost of shooting for our members allowing us to deliver a more student friendly package for those wishing to be involved.

With increasing capitalist and globalised networks the traditional way of life is being lost to the gentrified urban. We feel it is important to uphold traditions and remind people of the benfits and enjoyment of country sport. We welcome members from all walks of life and simply wish to spread the passion for this invigorating sport

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