To help us keep on our online business running and to build it into a more successful brand

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

CSGO-Raffle.com is a family run gaming site based on the massive multi-player video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  Following a substantial loss to our livelihood in December 2016, we made the decision to focus solely on re-developing and re-launching the website.

The site was originally operated by a partner of ours, but when it became too much for one person to keep up with we acquired and re-launched the site ourselves.  The site has been live again since February of this year, and has seen some good traffic and continual growth in users since then.  

However, for us to continue growing we need to invest in some new game developments, advertising and a site re-design.  We are currently a team of three comprising a software developer/programmer, a marketing & social media manager and a site administrator.