Crypto Transportation Services

Crypto Transportation Services

The project aim is to develop a taxi services software that have the ability to accept various international mainstream currencies.

We did it!

On 20th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £60 with 4 supporters in 56 days

A revolutionary private taxi app that works for the taxi driver and passenger community. 

This is a decentralised mobile app that will be designed to help drivers that are currently struggling to make ends meet due to apps like Uber and Lyft taking a large chunk of their income.

The commission rate for drivers are set at 12 percent.

5 percent will go towards maintenance and development of App.

7 percent will be paid out  in dividends to the investors holding shares of the company. The maximum amount of investment per investor is capped at £10,000 

No more fake cab drivers. All drivers online block-chained secured portals will be linked to Transport of London which means passengers would be able to enjoy cheaper rides with top notch security and safety.

Our aim is to create a mobile app, develop algorithm with a better pricing and commission structure that rewards its workforce and promotes healthy balanced life style unlike Uber drivers working long hours on a low wage.

All drivers will have the freedom to work whenever they want with permission from their local authority.

The development of software requires detailed knowledge of complex algorithms currently deployed successfully within transport industry in recent years. This mobile app will have the ability to instantly exchange currencies to local currency and would always find a cheapest  option through using price comparison technique through analysing data from various exchanges at the time of transaction. For e.g.  Private higher driver picking up a passenger visiting London would have a choice to pay for the ride with his/her chosen currency which will then be exchanged instantly in pounds  using our mobile app  therefore, passengers would be able to pay for trips around town using various forms of currencies.

Please note, the company will only accept currencies that have the ability to sell instantly in the market.

We are accepting donations from private individuals that are willing to contribute in crypto such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Please send all the donations to following addresses with your full name as reference. 

Bitcoin: 1C64sAXkD5btzjjqTVRUKxEjZLGz4czPxY

Ethereum: 0x5bcab1bc43505f814518650d4baa3d608b2fe2e0

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